Drumming is popular and it's fun, so start learning today!

Ever wanted to learn how to drum? You see an instrument that looks super cool because that guy or girl up there on the stage just keeps banging on things and you think to yourself, man that looks fun! I want to learn! But how?! Well I am glad that you are here because now is a great time to dive into learning how to play the drums. You can do it and I will help you!


People of all ages can play the drums. The video below is an example of a drum cover! As a drummer, you can pick a song and drum along to it when you get the hang of your playing! From there you can have people enjoy watching you on YouTube!

Getting a firm foundation in learning this instrument is an excellent way to start. Jump in and get your feet wet with what is considered one of the most popular instruments around! On this website it will teach all that you need to know about how to get started.

In fact you can start now with your very own free lessons! On this site you will find information on HOT topics like how to learn your first beat, pick the best cheap set, how to pick the right pair of sticks and cymbals and so on.

This instrument is one of the coolest instruments to take up. It's an instrument that can be ever expanded, meaning, there is no end to how far you can expand your kit. Just remember, when learning an instrument you need self discipline and self motivation to keep on practicing.

Popular Questions!

* What's a good beginner set? See beginner sets

* Are their good cheap beginners sets? See best cheap set

* Which heads are good for your set? See drum heads

* Which cymbals should I choose? See good cymbals

* Are there real sets for children ages 4-8 years old?

See kids drum sets

* What is a good percussion starter for babies? See toddlers and babies

* What do you think about buying a used set? See used sets

*Do you offer free lessons? See free lessons

* How do I choose the right pair of sticks? See picking sticks

Learn about Famous people who really got good at it! Gain insight and inspiration!

Any Tips and Ideas that you might have to make this a better website would be most welcome! Just click CONTACT US and place your comment in the comment section. I am excited to hear what you have to say!!

***Hope that you will enjoy my site!***

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Suggestions For Specific Drum Lessons Customized Specifically For You
Suggestions for a free customizable drum lesson made just for you! Imagine! You pick what kind of drum lesson you want to learn and it I will make that specific drum lesson according to your needs.
How to play the drums, Free drum lessons, Drum rudiments
Learn how to play the drums, get personal tips and ideas on how to sound good! People of all ages can learn about the drums here!
Free Drum Lessons Made Easy For Any Child or Adult
Free drum lessons that are easy to play! It is the first step in learning how to play the drums!
Learn Drum Rudiments!
Drum rudiments help you with the technique in your fingers and wrists, learning them and then placing them on the drum set can sound really cool!
Drum solos are awesome! Learn from these amazing solos and get ideas from them!
See some of the greatest drummers and drum solos worldwide! Their different styles, drumming techniques and taste are amazing! We can all learn from these greats!
Post Your Drums For Sale Here Free Of Charge
Post your drums for sale here for free. Post the drums you want to sale here at start drumming where you have valued targeted traffic!
Drum set Choosing Includes How To Choose The Right Set For Your Drumming Level!
Learn how to play the drums it's the coolest instrument! Learn how to choose the right drum set for your level! Gain free tips and insight into the world of drumming to get you started!
Ludwig Drum Sets Are Great For Beginner Drummers!
Ludwig drum sets are great for beginners. They are professional and they're durable!
Professional Drum Sets Are Made With Excellent Wood Shells Choices And Hardware
Professional drum sets are sets that are made with excellent wood shell choices and very strong hardware. Professional sets don't come with drum cymbals but they do sometimes come with hardware.
DW Drum Sets Have Excellent Quality! PDP from DW is great for beginner drummers!
DW drum sets have great durablility. If you are a beginner drummer, or have an interest in the drums, their line of PDP can be just what you need!
Pearl Drum Sets Have Excellent Quality and Durabilty
I have played Pearl drum sets! The quality that Pearl delivers is excellent, the hardware lasts and the sound is great! It is a great drum set for any level of playing!
Sonor Drums Have Great Quality And Are Great For All Levels Of Drumming
Sonor drums have made their name popular amoungst all of the others drum sets out there. Their quality and sound is good and their sets are great for any level of drumming.
A Double Bass drum set can do double the damage!
A Double bass drum set can do double the bass damage! Top cheap double bass sets for beginner and intermediate drummers!
DW Drum Kits Are Awesome. DW Focuses On Great Quality And Sound.
DW drum kits are great for the intermediate or professional drummer. The quality their drums give is just awesome.
A Ludwig Drum Set For Young Kids Ages 3-6
Young children who want to learn how to play the drums will need a proper sized drum set because of their reaching capabilities. A ludwig drum set for kids can do that!
First Act Drum Set is A Good Place To Start A Young Beginner Drummer
When a child is interested in playing a musical instrument such as the drums, First Act is a good place to start! A First Act drum set is not a toy!
Kids Drum Sets That Are Real Drum Sets
If your looking for kids drum sets because your little one wants to play! It's a smart idea to start them on a child sized instrument! Take a look at some of these sets!
A Kids Drum Set Is Important If You Really Want Your Child To Learn
A kids drum set is important if you want your young child to really learn how to play the drums. It is important that they come complete and are not a toy.
A Junior Drum set Is Great For Young Kids Who Want To Drum
Any child who is around 3-8 years old can benefit from a junior drum set because it is appropriate for their size
TKO Drums Can Be A Good Start For Your Young Drummer
Tko drums make drum sets that are suitable for a young child. Their sets are Great in terms of quality and they are Developmentally Appropriate.
A Toddler Drum Set Is What A Toddler Drummer Needs Developmentally
A toddler ranging from the ages of 1 1/2 to 4 can learn how to play the drums. A toddler drum set can help them where they are developmentally because of their small size.
Drum Sets For Kids That Are Developmentally Appropriate
Drum sets for kids are made developmentally appropriate for the young child. Certain problems are solved when the proper sized drum set is made available to a young kid drummer.
Drums For Kids Fitted For Their Size Developmentally
Drums for kids is an important start because of the childs size. Kids drum sets are made to fit the young child in a way that is developmentally appropriate for them. Here are some great kids sets.
Find the Right Drum Cymbals for You, See Some Top Trusted Cymbal Brands
Drum cymbals play an important role in drumming and sound! That is why it is important that you choose the best ones that are right for you and fit your needs!
Remo drumheads Are Great For Any Drummer
Remo drumheads are great if you want to replace you heads or just buy new ones! I like playing these heads because they last and sound good to!
Double Bass Pedal! See Top leading brands like Sonor, Pearl, Tama and more!
Thinking about getting a Double bass pedal? Check out the Top Leading Double pedals that have great quality!
Evans Drum Heads are great heads for your drum set!
Evans Drum Heads are great heads, I've used them a lot. They have good quality and not to bad of a price tag!
Beginner Drum Set, Learn How To Play The Drums With These Beginner Sets!
Just starting out as a drummer? Are you looking for the best beginner drum set? Check these out they come complete with cymbals and a throne. Everything you need to learn how to play the drums!
Free Beginner Drum Lesson Subscribers Only
Come and Get your free beginner drum lessons subscribers only password!
Drum Sticks Durable Popular Name Brand Sticks For Drummers
Picking the right sized drum sticks is important. Check out the most popular durable sticks for drumming and see which size fits you best!
Really Cheap Drum Sets For The Beginner Drummer
There are some really cheap drum sets out there mostly for the beginner drummer. They can get you started with playing the drums without hurting the pocket.
Used drum sets, Cheap drum sets, Learn how to play the drums
Used drum sets and cheap drumsets, learn what to look out for when buying drum sets that are used! See top cheap drum sets here and learn how to play the drums!
Full Drum Set, Top Cheap Beginner Drum Sets
Are you just learning how to play the drums? Make sure that you have a full drum set to play on so that you can get the most out of your drumming experience!
Cheap Drum Sets, Learn how to play the drums
See cheap drum sets, and kids drum sets. If your just learning how to play the drums then you don't need to spend to much on a drum set! These sets will work for you!
A Fusion Drum Set Saves Space If You Have A Small Room!
Try a Fusion drum set, they are excellent to save space, as well as look quite professional! They still have the quality and durability that your looking for!
A Sunlite Drum Set For Beginner Drummers
A beginner sunlite drum set is good if you need to save money. But you also need to weigh out the costs of buying new hardware and drum cymbals in the future.
Check out famous drummers and how they play the drums! Get inspired!
Learn about famous drummers who made it to the top, check out how they play and what kind of sets they play on!
Drumming Videos with Famous Drummers Can Be Inspiring
Drumming videos with your favorite drummers can help you to aspire and reach higher in your drumming talent! These helped me when I ran out of ideas.
A Pink Drum Set For a Little Girl To Help Inspire Her to Play The Drums
So your little girl wants to play the drums? She wants a pink drum set, teach her how to play the drums here!
percussion plus drum Set For Kids Can Help Start Your Child On Drumming
A percussion plus drum set for kids can help your child to learn how to play the drums because it is developmentally appropriate for their age.
Parts of a Drum Set are Easy To Learn
When your just starting out in learning how to play the drums learning the different parts of a drum set can be very helpful. It gives you a better understanding of a drum sets make up.
Girl Drummers Can Be Rare Yet Awesome
Many girl drummers are underestimated just because they are a girl and they play the drums. Playing the drums is awesome and even more so when a girl is playing. Check out these famous women drummers!
A Small Drum Set Can Be Very Useful
A small drum set can be used for a variety of reasons. They can be helpful for kids who want to play the drums or for drummers who do a lot of traveling.
A Childs Drum Set Is Fit For A Young Child To Help Them Learn The Drums
A childs drum set can help a young child learn how to play the drums. The size is catered to their smaller bodies. It is easier and it saves money when you buy a child a drum set that fits him or her.
Buying A Drum Set Can Be Scary! Here Are Some Great Tips!
When buying a drum set there are certain factors that are involved. For example Price, Size, What and Who is it for are questions that need to be asked.
A Starter Drum Kit Is Great For A Beginner Drummer
A starter drum kit is a good starting point for those interested or beginner drummers who want to start learning how to play the drums
Drumlines Are An Awesome Way To Learn Percussion
Drumlines are a great way to learn percussion. Some compete while other teams do it for fun. The cool thing is that your grouped together with other percussion players but your job is to sound as one.
Drum Mutes Are Great For Lowering The Level Of Noise Your Drum Set Makes
Drum mutes come in handy for your drum set when you want or need silent practice. If you live in an apartment, have a baby, or someone in the house is sleeping are all reasons to get drum silencers.
A Drum Lessons Dvd Can Help You With Your Drumming
A drum lessons dvd might be what you need in order to learn the drums. It can be used to help make you to start drumming, drum better in an area or to help inspire you to become better.
How To Choose Drum Sticks
Learning how to choose drum sticks is not that hard but it can be important. There are many brands and sizes of drum sticks out there and one of them is bound to make you happy.
Pearl Export Drums Are Great But Pearl Came Out With An Even Better Drum Set
Pearl export drums are great but Pearl came out with an even better drum set to fill the gap between the pearl forum series to the pearl masters series.
A Pearl Forum Drum Set Is An Excellent Beginner Drum Set
A pearl forum drum set is an excellent drum set for a beginner drummer. It sounds good and has quality hardware.
A Ludwig Accent Drum Set Is A Great Starter Drum Set
A ludwig accent drum set is a great starter drum set. It has great sound and the hardware is good.
Childrens Drum Sets Are Important For Young Kid Drummers
Childrens drum sets can help a young kid drummer because of its size. It meets them where they are developmentally and can help them get a proper start on playing the drums right.
Pictures Of Drum Sets From All Around The World Come And See
Check out some cool pictures of drum sets that are posted by me and other drummers! If you have a photo of your drum set to submit you can submit it here for free!
Drum Sets For Cheap Prices For Beginner Drummers And Kid Drummers
Check out the different drum sets for cheap prices that are out there. Great kids drum sets and good beginner drum sets that are cheap and easy on your pocket.
Big Drum Sets That Look Cool And May Fit Your Drum Set Taste
Big drum sets are drum sets that have been expanded to include whatever the drummer wants. You can make your drum set as big as you want without limit.
Free Ezine Drum Beats Here At Start Drumming Learn Cool Beats
Come get ezine drum beats for free. I give out a cool new drum beat every month for you to learn and master. This will help you build your drumming chops!
Girl Drumming Is A Neat Thing That Is On The Rise
Have you ever noticed that girl drumming seems to wow a crowd a bit more than usual? Drumming seems to be a predominantly talent but girls can definitely take to the drums as well.
A Percussion Plus Drum Set Is Good For Beginner And Kid Drummers
A percussion plus drum set is good for the beginner drummer. Their kids drum set is absolutely adorable and great for any young child who wants to play the drums.
Drumming Exercises Can Really Help Improve Your Drumming
Drumming exercises can serisouly help increase your drumming skills. Learning the different exercises can help you do things like increase speed, gain more hand control, learn dynamics and more.
An Honest Drum Set Review Given By Real Drummers
A drum set review given by real drummers. You can read up on reviews or give your own review about your drum set. Help others know what to expect when buying a drum set.
Drumming Injuries Can Be Irritating See How You Can Prevent Them
Drumming injuries can occur from over playing, wrong playing and sometimes just by mistakes. Make sure you are careful when drumming.
Drum Set Bags Are Important To Protect Your Drums
Drum set bags are really good to use if you are a gigging drummer or planning to be one. If you constantly need to bring your drums around then you need something to protect them.
Website disclaimer, Information is Given For General Information Purposes Only
On my website I have a disclaimer and that is information is Given For General Information Purposes Only. I hope you enjoy and learn a lot about drumming!
Start-drumming.coms Privacy Policy
Here is start-drumming.coms privacy policy helping to ensure your safety on my website!
Vic Firth Drum Sticks Are Great Drum Sticks
Vic firth drum sticks are great drum sticks. They are durable as well as popular! You can choose from a variety of stick sizes depending on your playing style.
Drum Shields Are Good For Isolation And Control Of The Drums Sounds
Quality drum shields are good to use if you need help in controlling the sounds of the drum set. When micing the drum set and other instruments a shield makes the drums sound much more controllable.
Drumming For Beginners Learn How To Play The Drums
drumming for beginners starts with the basics of how to pick out a drum set, drum stick, drum cymbals and it comes with free drum lessons. It's everything to get you started on playing the drums.
Pearl Bass Drum Pedals Have Excellent Quality And Durability
There are different brands of drum pedals out there but pearl bass drum pedals come out with really great hardware and quality. These pedals can last you a long time.
Drumming For Health, It Does Help Break A Sweat!
Start drumming for health! Not only is drumming fun and interesting, you can break a sweat from it to.
5a Drum Sticks Are Good To Start Off With Learning How To Play The Drums
5a drum sticks is a popular size for drummers. It's not to big and it isn't to small. They are just the right weight and you can choose from a nylon or a wood tip. I love these sticks!
A Pearl Vision Drum Set Is A Super Excellent Intermediate Drum Set
A pearl vision drum set is an excellent drum set for intermediate and even professional drummers. It sounds amazing for a mid grade drum set!
Drum Sets Cheap Are Excellent For The Beginner Drummer Or Hobbyist
Some people like drum sets cheap but they don't want to get junk. Here are some quality cheap drum sets that are great for beginner or interested drummers.
Ludwig Drums Are Popular And Great For Any Level Of Drumming
Playing ludwig drums is a good choice. Ludwig has drum sets that range from beginner to professional and they also have world class kids drum sets as well.
Drumline Movie Is A Great Inspiration For Beginner And Interested Drummers
Drumline movie with Nick Cannon is an excellent video to watch if you're interested in drumming. If you're a beginner, advanced or just an interested drummer, this movie will inspire you to play!
Sonar Drums Are Great For All Levels Of Drumming
Sonar drums are one of the most popular and top listed brands in drums. They build reliable beginner to advanced drum sets with hardware that lasts.
Sell My Drums Online And Sell Your Drums Online
Sell my drums or sell your drums either way the drums here get sold! If you have anything drum related that you would like to sell, post it up here for free for other drummers to see!
A Popular Jr Drum Set For Kids To Start Your Child Off On Playing The Drums
A jr drum set is what you need to get a young child started on learning the drums. These sets are built for size so that kids can reach all of the drum parts properly.
Thomas Lang Is One Of The Top Amazing Drummers Of Today
Thomas Lang is an excellent drummer. He is known for his stick tricks, double bass drumming, cross overs and amazing drum solos. He made creative control and creative coodination.

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