10 Piece Pearl Drumset w/ Gibraltar Cage, 5 Cymbals 28” Ludwig Timpani

by Dustin
(Wapakoneta, Ohio)

This Is THE Ultimate Drum set!!!!

Comes complete with a 10 piece Pearl drum set, three sided, two tier Gibraltar cage, 5 cymbals, a Pearl hi-hat, and a 28” Ludwig Timpani!

This is an excellent sounding drum set that lights any stage on fire; you have to both see and hear to believe!!

The break down goes like this:

Three sided, two tier Gibraltar Cage with (10) 69” steel poles (approx. 6ft, 1 pole is closer to 5ft.) (12) 2 sided pole mounting claps, and (11) accessories clamps for the drums and symbols. (4) of these are Gibraltar, (4) are Tama, and (3) are unknown. This isn’t your typical rack; it’s a cage that literally surrounds you on both sides. This cage IS a jaw dropper.

28” Brass Ludwig Timpani complete with foot pedal, (2) felt mallet (sticks,) with Remo Weather King head.

(2) 22” Pearl Forum Series Bass Drums with inner Remo Weather King Power sonic heads which have duel foam rings and kick pads for that extra low thump. The outer heads are brand new Pearls.

(2) Pearl P900 Single Chain Drive Pedals

Drum throne with Paiste logo

16” Pearl Forum Series Floor Tom with original Pearl legs and Remo Weather King head.

13” Black Panther Premium Series Snare Drum with Remo Weather King Controlled Sound – Grey dot Head. This comes with a protective carrying micro-fiber bag.

Pearl Snare drum stand

(2) Pearl Maple Shell Tom-Toms 14” and 13” with dampening knobs and Remo Weather King heads. These come with their own Pearl Unilock mounting system.

(2) Pearl Forum Series Tom-Toms 13” and 12” complete with mounting hardware and Remo Weather King heads

(2) Pearl Export Series Tom-Toms 10” and 8” with Pearl free floating mounting system and Remo Weather King heads.

(1) Pearl Complete High-hat stand with;

(2) 14” Zildjian ZBT Medium high-hats.

20” Zildjian ZBT Ride

20” Wuhan Hand Made China

16” Zildjian ZBT Crash

16” Wuhan Thin Crash

14” Zildjian ZXT Trash former

All pieces of this drum set have been used but overall are in good-to-great condition. All drum heads are from excellent-to-good condition. All symbols are in good condition, absolutely no cracks, tears, or keyholeing. All drums are in a maroon color other than the snare drum which is a cream color and the (2) Pearl Export Tom-Toms which are more of a fire engine red, and of course the Timpani which is made of brass and metal. Every single piece of hardware is in working condition; all pedals are in smooth, perfectly working order. All ten of the pearl drums come complete with their appropriate Pearl mounting arms. Each cymbal comes complete with boom arms and the normal hardware such as washers, wing nuts, and felts. Four of the Gibraltar rack bars have rubber shoes for vertical mounting and six additional rack bars make for a three sided, two tiered rack. Everything you need to setup the rack and mount all the drums and cymbals come complete with this set. The Timpani has wheels, the floor tom uses the tri-legs, the bass drums have two legs and the snare has its own stand as does the hi-hats, everything else is rack mountable.

Studio music recordings:




Live video performances:




Timpini Demo:


To a Musician from a Musician, I want to be completely honest with you on the condition of every part of this drum set. I’ve both purchased and sold many drum parts, so I know the drill, no one like surprises, so it’s important to me to leave no detail unturned. The complete details are as follows:

To start, none of these drums have dents, holes, or cracks. There is minimal warping at the very top of the bass drums and the front of the floor tom. This is just the outer covering that is warped; the inner wood shells are fine. There is no other warping on any of these pieces. The cymbals have recently been cleaned and look great, absolutely no cracks, key holing, holes, or major scratches. This set sports the Zildjian ZBT line complete with hi-hats, crash, and a ride cymbal, all of which sound fantastic! In addition, there is a Zildjian ZXT Trash former and uniquely shaped symbol with a dark and edgy sound. Also included are two Wuhan handmade China symbols, one is a traditional China and the other is a crash. These add a very bright and beautiful quality to any drum set.

The bass drums are in very good-to-good condition. One has a couple scuffs about ¼” long, the other has a couple 2” scratches. There is some minimal warping to outer shell covering at the top of these drums which are about 3” long. This is hardly noticeable and do not affect their wood shells. All in All, these bass drums have been taken care of and look really nice. They are complete with all hoops, lugs, with no micro rusting. The Remo Power sonic heads are by far the best heads I have ever used for bass drums. They are in near perfect, excellent condition, and sound fantastic. If you want a nice, low, thump with your sound, these will provide it. The outer heads were recently changed to brand new Pearl stock heads, mint condition.

The snare drum is in mint condition, looks simply beautiful, and sounds like a dream. The snare is not damaged and the lever is perfectly working. The snare sound has a warm wood feeling but can also be tuned up to sound almost exactly like a piccolo snare.

The forum floor tom and (2) forum tom-toms are in very good-to-good condition with minimal blemishes. No visible scratches or warping except for the floor tom that has around a 3” warp on the front. These are common mid-range toms that have a fairly warm sound but also the ability to provide a good tom-tom boom when you need it. They have used Remo Weather king heads and brand new, mint attack heads on the bottom. The maple shell toms are in fair condition. The previous owner allowed them to take a variety of scratches, probably from years on the road. The scratches range from a ¼ “to 2” in length. However, on the flip-side, these are the best sounding tom-toms I have ever played on. They produce a very low range, natural resonance that will keep you smiling. They also have dampening arms/pads which are controlled by dials. This allows you to tinker with the vibrancy of the drum and helps to tune the drum lower than the duplicate 13” forum tom so the tones can mesh on the note scale. They have used Remo Weather king heads on the top and their original, mint Pearl heads on the bottom. They come complete with the Pearl Uni-lock mounting system.

The (2) export toms are in good condition with some minimal scuffs and minor scratches. They are mounted on a Pearl free floating mounting system which allow a natural give when the drums are struck. These toms were some of the most fun for me because they offer that high-end pitch which work so well to end a drum roll or for that lighter, Latin sound when needed.

The Timpani is in fair condition. The bottom brass has a lot of wear, some small dents, and dings. I wasn’t sure if this would affect the overall sound when I first purchased it, but after drumming a while, I knew that it was perfect for my set. For anyone who hasn’t played on Timpani, for a drummer it can be life changing! It’s a traditional drum skin covering a large brass bowl and can put bass drums to shame. The video truly doesn’t do justice to the amazing orchestra sound of this Timpani. The foot pedal is perfectly working and changes the pitch from low (down) to high (up.) It comes with a used Remo head and a pair of used felt beater drum sticks.

Lastly, let’s talk about micro rusting because it can be common to the hardware of a drum set. The drum hoops and screws on all of these drums have minimal micro rusting but there is some on most all of the rack poles, drum throne, and hi-hat stand. None of the micro rusting is severe or even moderate; it’s minor and just part of normal aging. This doesn’t reduce the overall beauty of this drum set and defiantly doesn’t affect the structural integrity. Every bit of hardware has been cleaned and has a nice shine to it.

As stated, the overall condition of the drum set is good, the color still shines, the drum tones are beautiful, and the cymbals really top it off the crispness of the sound. Please check out all the pictures, videos, or songs, they speak for themselves!!

In regards to shipping: Pickup is highly recommended, however personal delivery might be an option but it would have to result in a pre-payment before delivery on a secondary Paypal transaction for an agreed amount. I will also ship UPS, contact me if you are serious and I can get a quote.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me for a fast response. Bid now and own a piece of rock stardom. There hasn’t been another musician or audience member that I’ve talked too which hasn’t been blown away and a bit taken back by this set. I’ve been told everything from that looks totally awesome, to where on earth did you get that? to are you building a machine? (when setting it up.) There is one thing that I can guarantee when you first setup and jam on this drum set…smiles, all smiles. :)

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