5a drum sticks - A Good Size

One of my favorite sizes are the 5a drum sticks. I have moved on to the smaller 8AN size, but that used to be what I drummed with. You can get 5a sticks from almost any music dealer as these are a popular size for drum sticks. I would recommend this size to girl drummers, jazz drummers and drummers who like sticks that aren't so giant in your hand.

You can choose from a nylon tipped drum stick or a wooden tipped drum stick. I love to play the nylon tip because of the clearer sound that I get out of the ride cymbal!

Tips To Help You Along When Choosing Sticks

* Make sure that the sticks are weight matched-It should say on the label.

* The wood impurities are gone- No discoloration, chips or dents.

* The wood quality is good- Maple, Hickory, Oak etc.

* Great brands to look out for: Vic Firth, Vater, Zildjian, Promark

* I would recommend 5a drum sticks for girl drummers, jazz drummers, drummers with smaller hands, light-mid players and beginner drummers. I would not recommend this size for heavy metal drummers, heavy hitters and/or goth drummers. Get a bigger size, the size 5B.

List Of 5a Sticks

Here are my top recommendations for drum sticks. I am very picky with sticks, I don't like the ones where I can feel the vibration coming through, I don't like the ones that break easily and I don't like the ones that feel unbalanced. Through the years my experience has brought me to my favorite brands. They are Vic Firth, Vic Firth and Vic Firth *cough*...

Here are Vic Firth American Classic 5A Sticks

, a very good brand of sticks.

These are my personal favorite drum sticks hands down. To each his own but for me, Vic Firths 5AN and 8AN are my favorite sizes and they last me a long time. Their denting level for me is low. Promark is a brand that doesn't work for me at all...but that's just me!

Next we have Pro-Mark American Hickory 5A Wood Tip

drum sticks, another great brand to go for. I play these when I have no choice... They are great for other drummers, I think that I am Pro-marks weakness! Everytime I drum with these sticks, the upper tip(an inch below the head) just breaks! I have broken like 3 pairs of Pro-marks in a month...and I am a girl!

Drum Stick Packs

These 5a drum stick packs are great if you need a lot of sticks. You definitely save when you buy the pack just like you would save money if you bought a 24 pack of water versus one bottle of water everyday for 24 days... I actually need to learn that concept!

Stick packs are good if you are a gigging drummer or break drum sticks easily, a second pair is always handy. Here are some popular 5a drum stick packs.

I hope this information on drum sticks helps! These are some good brands that you may choose to stay with for the rest of your drumming career!

Learning how to play the drums is fun but having the right pair of sticks of also crucial to your comfort.

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