9 Piece TAMA Starclassic Drum Set Like New!!!

by Michael Kasulaitis
(Williamsburg, VA U.S.A.)

9 Piece TAMA Starclassic Drum Set from smoke-free home, stored in hard cases, and Like New Condition for $7500. I am the original and only owner. Please email serious offers only to: michael.kasulaitis@gmail.com.

(Original Documentation, Tags, Keys, and Wrenches Included)

Shells: Maple (Handcrafted in Japan)

Sizes: Snare: 6.5” x 14”
Mounted Toms: 10” x 10”
11” x 12”
12” x 13”
13” x 14”
Floor Toms: 16” x 16”
16” x 18”
Bass Drums (2): 16” x 22”

Cymbals: Sabian 14” Hand-Hammered Regular Hats
Sabian 15” HHX Groove Hats
Sabian 12 “ Hand-Hammered Splash
Sabian 16” Hand-Hammered Medium Crash
Sabian 16” Hand-Hammered Duo Crash
Sabian 18” Hand-Hammered Medium Crash
Sabian 20” Hand-Hammered Chinese
Sabian 22” Hand-Hammered Power Bell Ride
Sabian Mike Portnoy Signature Max Stax (10” China Kang and Splash)

Hardware: Star-Cast Mounting System for Toms
Iron Cobra Bass Drum Pedals (2) (HP900P)
Titan Combo Tom/Cymbal Stands (2) (HTC87)
Iron Cobra Velo Glide Hi-Hat Stand (HH805)
Titan Snare Stand (HS80)
Titan Cymbal Stand (HC82)
Titan Boom Cymbal Stands (2) (HC83B)
Titan Double Tom Stand (HTW89)
Stagemaster Double-Braced Boom Stand (HC63B)
1st Chair Drum Throne System (HT410)

Accessories: Remo Roto-Toms (6”, 8”, and 10”)
LP Jam Block with Stand Mount
Replacement Felts for Cymbals and Hi-Hats
Replacement Sleeves for Cymbals
Leather Drumstick Bag/Holder
Diggit Drumstick Weights (2 pair)
Tama Tension Watch Tuner (TW100)
Drumsticks: Vic Firth 55A American Classic (10 pair)
Pro-Mark 5B American Hickory (12 pair)

Hard Cases: Humes & Berg Enduro with Foam Lining:
10” x 12”, 11” x 13”, 12” x 14”, 13” x 15”, 16” x 16”, 16” x 18”, 6.5” x 14”,
16” x 22” (2)
Cymbal Case (DR526SP)
Companion Case w/Wheels (no foam) (DR689A)

Email: michael.kasulaitis@gmail.com

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