About Me: A Girl Drummer!

Hi, My name is Laura Taisacan

and I have been drumming for about 10 years now. I play drums at my church, and help people learn how to drum.

*I am trying to pursue what God has called me to do in life, and that is one of the reasons why I have made an E-business.

I'm a Christian

Jesus has changed my life to the point that their is no way of denying that he is real. I wouldn't be who I am today if he hadn't changed me. One of the things he's called me to do is be successful. So I went around searching and found this thing called SBI. The video below explains it all.

It's a very simple explanation about how you and I can make a business online. It's based off of our knowledge and/or passion. Mine is the drums. Yours could be anything. The cool thing is that it really does work, so I feel that I have taken one step in the direction of destiny!

You To Can Be Successful!

If you want to learn how to create a successful business online, you should check out "Site Build It!" This drumming website is made possible because of them and I make money off of it. It's pretty cool!

If you have any questions about how to do this, you can easily ask! If you want to learn about making a business online but don't know how to, just Ask A Question! They'd love to help:)

I'm hoping this will be able to benefit you guys as well so if you have the time, please listen to the Turtle and Try Site Build It!

More about me

*I Teach kids how to play the drums, I have taught the ages of 6-15 all boys so far.

*I am the main song service drummer for the church that I go to, Victory Chapel, and have been the main song service drummer for quite a while.

*Played drums for the adult choir, Children's choir, Weddings, Band, Private lessons performance at the mall, and at my schools Charter day.

A girl drummer? No way! Yes, I am a girl drummer and have been playing the drums for about 10 years now!

Things girls are famous for if they play the drums!.... We get

* Stares: Pretty cool stares, like ''Wow a girl drummer!''

* Underestimated: Like ''Ahh, she's a girl she can't be that good.''

We might make it a bit harder for the boys if the girl drummer playing is better than the boy drummer because the guys will pound on him with their disses and ''Bro, you got beat by a girl!'' Kind of deal...it's an ego thing I guess:)

But at the end of the day, we all learn and look up to each other and get some new ideas and fills from each other. It's fun!

I play a Pearl drum set. A Pearl VSX the Vision series(Not this one, this is just a really nice picture of one!)

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