A Good Beginner Drum set!

So you have gone to the music store looking for a drum set or scoured the internet looking for one and you are like, "Whoa, that is expensive and where do I start?! Which one is good for me and my level?!...Here are some tips to help you pick out a really good beginner drum set.

Getting a good starter drum set is important. Think of questions like price, location of use, longevity, will it be used in a band, will it be used outdoors and in front of a crowd one day, or just for some fun personal use? Those questions will help guide you to getting the best drum set possible for your needs.

Drumset Buying Tips

Here are the things that I thought about when I was buying a beginner drum set. I am sure these tips can help you out as well!

1.) Do you want a good drum set that sounds good and has some decent hardware?

2.) Are you just looking to buy the cheapest drum set you can get your hands on just so you can have something to learn the drums on?

3.) Are you are willing or able to spend around $600 or more if needed.

4.) Will you be using your drum set outdoors in front of crowds, in the clubs or in other outdoor arenas?!

Pick the question that most fits you and your needs and match it to one of my drum set recommendations down below!

My Drum Set Recommondations

Pick a drum set according to your question number, it will give you an idea of what drum set will match your needs! Enjoy!

Any of the beginner drum sets down below or on the right side column are drum sets that I recommend. I chose these because they have Good prices, Good sound when tuned, and have Good hardware such as their stands, pedals, throne etc. Basically these drum sets won't fail you my fellow beginner drummers!

Pearl drum set

Matches Questions: 1,3,4

A Pearl Forum as your beginner drum set is a Great idea.

PEARL Drums have:

* Serious Quality and durability in hardware and Sound

* Can easily be used as a Beginner or Intermediate drum set

* Sounds great when tuned

Learn more about Pearl Drum Sets.

Ddrum drum set

Matches Questions: 2

Here is a Ddrum D Series D2 Drum Set


* Can be found with really cool wrap styles

* Good hardware

* Upgraded Tom Tom holders for better sound

If you are worried about the space a drum set takes up you can look into getting a smaller fusion sized drum sets

yamaha drum set

Matches Questions: 1,3,4

This is a Yamaha Gig Maker


* Has a popular line of instruments and is Well Known.

* Good hardware such as pedals, throne, stands etc.

* Sounds good indoors and outdoors

Pdp drum set

Matches Questions: 1, 2

Here is a PDP Z5 Complete Drum Set

The PDP Z5 is good because of:

* Great price for a starter set

* Hardware: To be honest, the hardware great for starters

* Because of sound, I wouldn't use this for doing outdoor gigs

DW drums make the line of PDP, DW stresses quality and durability, It is a Superior choice of a set. And one more good brand of drums that you can look into is Ludwig drum sets.

Other Drum Set Related Advice

Something that I learned as a musician is that you get what you pay for. If you want an instrument that not only looks good but sounds good, the price usually goes up. I know it can be a hassle at first, especially when your Budget doesn't really allow for it.

Good quality instruments can last longer than the cheap ones. They sound better and when you advance to the next stage of your talent you won't be as annoyed with the sound that you are getting!...So in a way it kind of saves you money as well.

Sunlite is a drum set that I wouldn't recommend getting. I owned one of these beginner drum sets. You can check out Sunlite drums if you are really desperate are super budgeted. Otherwise, keep reading and get something from the list of drums that I do recommend.

Free Drum Lessons-Choosing Drum Sticks- Kid Drummers

The important aspects when your just starting out as a drummer is also learning how to choose drum sticks. You need to be comfortable with the sticks that you will be having in your hand. Also make sure you understand what a full drum set is. Learn your drum set parts, it helps.

If you're looking for a Kid drummer who wants to drums, I suggest having a look at drum sets for kids. These are for the ages of 3-11.

Another thing to help you get started would be to find some good free drum lessons. That way you will gain an understanding of your drum kit as well as learning how to play the drums.

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Are you playing in a Metal, Heavy Metal, Goth, Rock or Punk band? Try looking at a double bass drum set! It just might fit your style!

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