DW Drum Kits

DW drum kits are excellent in quality and sound. Their looks are nice but it's much of their sound that blows me away. It is a drum set brand that is used by many professional drummers around the world. To drummers the name "DW" stands for great sound and durability. If you really want a good drum set and I mean a GREAT drum set, this brand is one of those brands that you can totally rely on!

In my drumming experience I found that DW kits have

* Excellent Quality in their hardware

* Shells sound Great

* Wood choices for shell are Great

* Great for the intermediate to advanced drummer

It clearly stands cut above the rest. DW makes double bass pedals, hardware, custom drum shells and so on. I own a DW 3000 Double bass pedal, it...is STRONG!

Here are some DW Kit Examples
Dw drum kits

DW drum kits

If you notice, the drum set on the right says "PDP." DW holds the line of PDP drums, it's an excellent side branch to DW. PDP is a lest costly version of DW but it still gives off the same trustworthiness DW does.

The one on the right is a PDP X7 made with maple shells. The one on the left is the DW Eco-X. Both offer Excellent double braced hardware, beautiful finishes and awesome wood choices. Taste and talent go into the creation of making a DW kit.

There are a variety of other DW drum sets that you could choose from.

Drum Workshop(DW) is a brand to get into if you're serious about your drumming. They don't take quality lightly, they put a lot into their drums to make sure you get good sound, hardware and finishes!

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