DW drum sets Have Excellent Durability

If you are thinking about looking at DW as your brand of choice, I would go for it. You need to be a serious drummer, or at least think serious when you are considering one of these set because Drum Workshop doesn't play around in terms of being cheap with quality or hardware. The bottom line is they aren't.

DW has a lot to offer, I can honestly say that DW drum sets have...

* Excellent Quality and Durability

* Nice looks, appeal of course

* Well known brand

* Great choice of wood shells,sounds good

Photo courtesy of Bigdrumthump

DW also came out with a line which is PDP drum sets. A more cost efficient yet durable set. Of course my friends and I Boast more in the semi professional/intermediate drum kits area and not in the beginner sets area. But these kits are a great gap filler!

Here are some Drum WorkShop Drums

So I would like to further continue my journey into the world of DW!

Okay, can someone say ''Hello, Beauty!'' This one is just so awesome! If your a beginner to the drum set, don't go looking for this kind....yet! It's really expensive. It's Great! But expensive.

Can't under estimate these beautiful pieces of equipment!

Here is an example of the awesomeness of a DW drum set!

Of course DW is a bit pricey, But it is absolutely worth it!

The pedals and hardware on this set has excellent durability. From the drum pedals, and hi hat stand to the cymbal stands, it is excellent.

So as you can see, DW is an amazing brand. These sets here are expensive and are professional.

They have beautiful finishes, awesome quality and durability and amazing sound.

DW can definitely be trusted.

*NOTE: The Pictures of DW shown here are NOT my personal pictures, I will try to get some but I am using these as an educational example.

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