Double Bass Pedal - Great For Rock Drummers!

Double bass pedals are getting more and more popular because of rock, screamo, goth, hard rock and punk music. Popular drummers like Lars Ulrich from Metallica, Joey Jordison from SlipKnot, Mike Portnoy play the double pedal as well. If you are in a band that jams out to these styles of music it is important to get yourself a good pedal!

Good double pedals last long and are smooth! Bad pedals have problems like the pedal coming loose and hitting the floor board, not smooth, bad recoil and so on. A good double pedal can help you with technique and speed. A bad one will create problems, it did me!

What Double Pedals Can Do

It is important to get a Good double pedal because the good ones are SMOOTH and that's important!

Double Bass Pedals Can:

* Double the speed of your feet

* Help to make creative ad-on's to fill-ins

* Take the place of a "normal" hand driven fill-in

* Great for heavy metal, punk or screamo type music

Most drummers know that a double pedal can help with some sweet added spice for our fills, so I got tips from percussion teachers, other drummers, and myself and have picked out some of the top leading brands in double bass pedals.

Leading Bass Drum Pedals

I am going to list the Top 4 most leading bass drum pedals in the current drum world today. These pedals earned their name through excellent quality, exceptional smoothness and long lasting-ness...if that is even a word. But for real, these pedals are pedals that you can trust.

Brand: Pearl Eliminator Powershifter

Level: Intermediate Drummer

The Pearl P2002C Eliminator is quite smooth and has great reviews. Many guys like this pedal, for me I needed something more sensitive and aimed more for a lighter feel. This pedal is an excellent starting point especially if you are a drummer in a band that NEEDS double bass badly!

Brand: DW 5000

Level: Intermediate/Professional

The DW 5000 Delta III is a pedal made by DW and it is amazingly smooth! It's one of the best in it's class of smoothness and durability. Many drummers are in between the DW 5000, Pearl Eliminator and Iron Cobra double bass pedal because they are all absolute high quality, high end excellent pedals!

Brand: Tama Iron Cobra

Level: Intermediate/Pro Drummer

Tama Iron Cobra Coil has Incredible smoothness and it has some SERIOUS popularity among double bass drummers! No doubt, this pedal has great strength excellent recoil, solid feel and STRONG hardware. Perfect for drummers who LOVE and NEED a double bass!

Brand:Pearl Demon Drive

Level: Professional

The Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal is Pearls ultimate latest double pedal! It speaks for itself. It's the highest in it's class, smoothest you name it! The price tag proves it so if you are a drummer with a lot of "Bling" this may be for you, if you want the bombest smoothest fastest pedal that is out!

This is a great list of pedals. Learning how to play them is up to you!

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