Drum rudiments

Learning rudiments and then placing them on the drum set can sound really cool! Professionals all have their drum rudiments down, or at least they're supposed to. Doing this stuff can be discouraging at times but the reward is well worth.

BUT the result does a whole lot to your drumming! It helps you have better control over your fingers and wrists, and can add a whole lot of tasty fills around the the drum set! So make sure to do your best.

If you learn more through visualization, then watching the popular movie Drum Line may help inspire you, I know it did for me.

Rudiment Example Chart

Here is a small example of rudiments in use on a chart.

This is not the complete chart of 40, but it is rudimentary combination's. It's still interesting. You can try them out on your snare drum first, or what ever works best for you.

List of 40 Rudiments

There is a list of 40 rudiments and some famous drummers have actually come up with some of their own personalized rudiments. Learning these are good for overall technique, wrist and finger control and drum stick handling. These can be hard to deal with at first but they really do pay off. If you are at all interested in being in a marching band or playing in a line, then learning rudiments are crucial!If you would like you can download a Free Rudiment Chart! It'll help you practice.

Here is a list of the 40 main rudiments of drumming:

Scroll down for the free downloadable version!

I. Roll Rudiments

A. Single Stroke Rudiments

1. Single Stroke Roll

2. Single Stroke Four

3. Single Stroke Seven

B. Multiple Bounce Rudiments

4. Multiple Bounce Roll

5. Triple Stroke Roll

C. Double Stroke Rudiments

6. Double Stroke Open Roll

7. Five Stroke Roll

8. Six Stroke Roll

9. Seven Stroke Roll

10. Nine Stroke Roll

11. Ten Stroke Roll

12. Eleven Stroke Roll

13. Thirteen Stroke Roll

14. Fifteen Stroke Roll

15. Seventeen Stroke Roll

II. Paradiddle Rudiments

16. Single Paradiddle

17. Double Paradiddle

18. Triple Paradiddle

19. Paradiddle-Diddle

III. Rudiments using the Flam

20. Flam

21. Flam Accent

22. Flam Tap

23. Flamacue

24. Flam Paradiddle

25. Flammed Mill

26. Flam Paradiddle-Diddle

27. Pataflafla

28. Swiss Army Triplet

29. Inverted Flam Tap

30. Flam Drag

IV. Drum rudiments using the drag technique

31. Drag

32. Single Drag Tap

33. Double Drag Tap

34. Lesson 25

35. Single Dragadiddle

36. Drag Paradiddle #1

37. Drag Paradiddle #2

38. Single Ratamacue

39. Double Ratamacue

40. Triple Ratamacue

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