Hello Drummers! First off MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Hope You ALL are doing Great! I am back after about 2 months! School is a lot of work, I am teaching now whohoo! I am also currently turning my room into my very own drum studio!!

Whats New!!

**I have officially played my first concert night of double bass! I used to keep messing up and hitting the snare in the wrong time, or the cymbals in the wrong time but...Not anymore!! I bought myself a DW 3002 double bass pedal and it is great! It is smooth and strong and it's priced fairly. DW never makes junk always remember that!----Boy does that sound like a commercial/advertisement?!? Didn't mean that! HA!

**I am also currently turning my room into my very own drum studio!!It's a lot of work and costs about $1000 but I am getting there. It's going to have acoustic isolation foam, 7 piece drum mics, a mixer and 3 mic stands...oh yeaaaah!!

For My Fellow Drummers In The MERRY CHRISTMASIE SPIRIT! Why not Pick up a Drum Set for a GIFT!! Do you know anyone who wants to start drumming this year? It may be a kid, a youth or an adult. It be pretty cool to help them start the new year off on a brand new drum set.

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Awesome like a Possum! You guys are the BEST! Thanks a million!

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