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1. Isolation Earphones

Ear Protection!

Every drummer knows that at times drumming can be loud. This being the case we all need to protect our hearing and protect it properly.

The church that I go to just recently put up a drum shield for sound isolation, but that threw a whole lot of drum set noise back at me. My ears were hurting because they didn't set up the whole mixer-earphone thing.

I didn't want to wear my Vic Firth headphones anymore so I did some research, and came upon Ultimate Ears 700. Long story short, I bought them. Here are my stats on them out of a 100%:

1.) Ear noise protection: 100%

2.) Sound Quality: 100%

3.) Design: 80%

4.) Price: 90%

They are great to do drum covers with, play drums using the mp3/ipod etc. Protection is absolutely excellent.

So here they are if you are interested:

Logitech 985-000172 Ultimate Ears 700 Noise-Isolating Earphones - Dark Silver

Questions and Answers

Let me know if you have any Drum Requests and I'll do my best to do them.

Sorry it wasn't a whole lot of information this month, but is it helpful information. Ultimate Ears is something that I stumbled upon and then researched and researched and researched some more(because it's quite expensive). There will be more in the next newsletter.

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