Hey Guys and Gals!

How's everybody doing?! I hope you guys are all doing great and that your drumming is improving. I just purchased a full drum system rudiment DVD pack so I will let you guys know how that goes.

School has started back up and I will be student teaching meaning I will be super duper busy, but I will do my best to keep shooting out these fun newsletters. I enjoy knowing that you guys read these!

If you have any ideas of what you think we should add into these newsletters just let me know, I will try to add them in! Just Write an Idea and I will get on to publishing it so we call all benefit from it. You will get the credit!


1. Cool Drum Beat of the Month~ My Favorite:)

2. What's New!

3. Questions & Answers

4. Drum Tip of the Day

5. Off topic side note

Drum Beat Of The Month!

I am changing my "line up" for the upcoming newsletters. I want to make sure that you guys see the new drum beat of each month. These beats are to help you guys get more creative, to teach you, or to just be fun!

January's Drum Beat

You can shoot me a video response on You Tube(lauratdrummer), or just let me know how you did on them. So enough talking! Here is 2011's

January's Drum Beat

Please make sure you try them out!

What's New!

My new web page 5a drum sticks

Here is a new page that I built, it is 5a drum sticks. 5a is referring to a certain size of a drum stick, it's a popular one and one that I recommend getting if you are just starting out, or if you just need a new pair of drum sticks. I found some with great prices and I posted them on my website. So if you need a pair, you can pick one up here: 5a drum sticks

Questions and Answers

There hasn't any questions but there has been some drumming requests. I will be working on doing a drum cover of "Lips like morphine" from Kill Hannah.

Let me know if you have any Drum Requests and I'll do my best to do them.

Tip of the Day- Working on Timing

Keeping Time

Many drummers have a hard time keeping time, that is to say that they either keep speeding up or slowing down when they are drumming in a band or to a song.

My Tip?!

1.) Play along to the songs that you like but only if you know that that drummer has strong timing.

2.) Wear a metronome around your neck with it clicking while you walk( a famous drummer did this!)

3.) Play along to a metronome.

Overall...5 Stars for learning time!

Off topic side note!

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