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July 06, 2012

Recording Drums

Hello Start-Drumming Drummers!

There are many new people that have added themselves to our newsletter so I would like to give them a shout out! All of you that have signed up within the last 2-3 months, here is a big THANK YOU from me!

I am currently in Germany meeting family that I haven't seen since I was 5 so I have been busy. The good news is that I have finally set up my NEW DRUM RECORDING gear!!! So when I do drum covers they will sound much more better! Because I have set this up(I went through so much PAIN figuring it out!) I will give all of you the steps on how to record drums just in case you want to do drum covers with drum mics, so here they are, if you follow these directions you have yourself a set up:

How To Set Up For Drum Recording

1. First buy yourself a set of good drum mics, my recommendations are the Samson 7 kit or 5 kit, CAD PRO 7, CAD PRO 4, Audix DP 5, CAD STAGE 7. The number stands for how many mics you want. I have a 7 piece mic set, I got the CAD PRO 7.


Buy 7 XLR cables for these mics. Your choice on how long you want the cables to be. I have FOUR 20 footers and THREE 6 footers.


Buy yourself a mixer(USB mixer) makes it easier to record, I got myself a Behringer XENYX 1222 USB mixer, because its a USB mixer it can DIRECTLY record into your laptop or computer!! This mixer can handle more than 7 mics! For this mixer and my 7 piece mic set I needed 1 cable to be an XLR to 1/4" tip, type that into ebay and you'll see the kind of end tip it has. So my set up has 6 REGULAR XLR cables and ONE XLR to 1/4" tip cable.


Buy microphone stands for your hi hat stand, bass drum and cymbals. I bought 3 stands for these.


When you get your usb mixer, it comes with a software for recording your drums, INSTALL that onto your computer/laptop.


Mount your microphones onto your drum set via their clamps. Place them about 1" away from your drum head. Do the same with the hi hat mic. The cymbals mic should be around 6" to a foot away from a direct cymbal. If you are sharing the cymbal mics between 2 cymbals, you can hang the mic in the middle about 8" away in the air in between both cymbals.


Your bass drum mic should be in the center of the drum, but if you don't have a hole in the bass head then you can place it in front of the center about 2-4" away.


Plug in all your XLR cables into your mics and then into your mixer if you haven't done so.


Plug your mixer into your laptop if you haven't so yet. Have the recording software open and ready to record on your laptop. TURN the mixer ON.


Press record on your laptop/computer and START DRUMMING! Then when you are done, stop the recording and have it play back to you, from there you will ADJUST the highs, lows, mids and gains on each drum mic. Adjust until you enjoy the sound you hear!!

For a BETTER understanding(Like pictures-videos)

By this time you are wishing for pictures I bet, I haven'T taken any pics of my drum sets drum recording set up BUT I have made a DRUM COVER drum recording. I have 3!! You can see the whole set up of the mics, placement, cables etc! If you want to see it, check my YouTube channel, its on the LATEST 3 videos hope you guys like it, subscribe if you want, id love it if you did: Email me with any questions, if you want me to do a drum cover for you let me know!

Awesome like a Possum! You guys are the BEST! Thanks a million!

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