Evans Drum Heads

Good drum heads are vital to a drums sound. If you keep old heads on your drums there will come a time that no matter how much you tune or tweak them they still sound horrible. The way you know it's time to change your heads is if there are dents in the skin or many scrape marks. Dents come over time when the head is wore out, when your heads are worn its time to get new ones!

Drummers develop their taste in the type of heads that they choose for their drums over time. The important thing when starting out as a drummer is sound. Don't sacrifice sound because of the expense of getting new heads.

Drum heads are to a drum set like Tires are to a car....You need to change them ever so often!

I personally can't stand cheap drum heads. Evans Drum Heads aren't cheap in quality. Cheap don't sound good or stay tuned much. So I have compiled some experience in heads over time and have found that:

Good drum heads :

* Last longer

* Sound better

* Can compliment the kind of set you play on

* Tune better

* Hold their tuning longer

Evans Drum Heads did all of that for me, that's why I like them.

Finding That Sound

The better you get as a drummer the more ''sound'' means to you! The sound of your kit, your drum cymbals, your heads can help you enjoy your playing or they can irritate the snot out of you!

When you're trying to find the right sound for your kit, picking your heads can depend on the style of music you play, the level of drumming that you are at: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, The type of player that you are-Do you play with more with strength or more with technique?

Your playing Venue: Home, Clubs, Outdoors, Concert Scenes, Indoor theater etc, and most importantly, the type of sound are you looking for. For example, are you looking for Low to mid range, A fat wet sound, A high more jazzy sound? Etc.

Popular Heads That Drummers Use

Evans Hydraulic Drum Heads

Here is the Evans Hydraulic drum head. I love playing the hydraulic heads from them because you don't really need O-Rings, Damper rings or Foam rings.

Evans helped this one drum set that I played sound Good, Rather than horrible, which is the way it sounded with the stock head on. Hydraulic Evans Drum Heads hit all of the criteria of a good drum head. I liked this the best.

Remo Clear Pinstripe head

Next up is a Remo Clear Pinstripe head. I played these heads in church. They last long and sound good. Also a popular brand in heads for your drums. Remo and Evans are the two most trusted brands for your drum in terms of heads.

Great for any level of a player. See what see Remo Heads are like.

Aquarian Response 2

Last but not least, we have the Aquarian Response 2. This is a good set of heads but you have to watch out for what kind of a set that you have. If you need to kill the overtones from your toms, don't get these.

They didn't work well for me but The Evans Hydraulics did. In my opinion this would be good for in home use. I wouldn't get them for outside.

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