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Drum lessons in these days can be quite expensive and not all of us have the financial backing to support our newly found interest. Here in Guam lessons cost $40 an hour! So instead of that, I wanted to offer some very basic but FREE drum lessons.

Picking up some free lessons is the start of a new road for some people. It's good to start this way so that you don't waste money wondering if this is really what you want to do.

I also have a YouTube channel where you can get more drumming ideas and/or request a drum cover! I currently have over 200 subscribers.

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If you want a Specific Drum Lesson in something that you are interested in just let me know I'd be glad to help. Other than that go ahead fill out the form and start learning the drums!

Also, another tip for drummers who don't how to pick out a drum set or for those who really don't know where to start, should start with learning to how to choose the right drum set. Get that out of the way first so that you have a good solid drum set to drum on! In that case, Drumming for beginners is the page that you will need. This will help you choose the right drum set, drum sticks and cymbals. Very important to start your drumming off right!

Example Beginner Lesson

The video below is not the same as the ones subscribers get.

If you more than a beginner drummer or already a beginner drummer who wants to get better, I would suggest looking at some drumming exercises instead. This will help your drumming get better.

I currently do not teach with drum notes but I just want to help you learn how to play the basic drums. Please write to me if you would like me to add or take away stuff in my lessons!

After learning these lessons, you will be able to build and expand on your new knowledge of drumming!

Leave Free drum lessons and check out Beginner Drum Sets.

Beginner Drum Lessons!

Drum Solos

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