Hey Guys and Gals! To start off I would like you guys to know that I will be posting some of the questions that are asked on my website, here in the E-zine! That way as the questions come you get the answers as well!

Of course, if you have any questions about drumming just write to me here in the Contact Me Form! I'll get back to you shortly.


1. What's New!

2. Tip of the Day

Whats New!

I just put up 2 more new pages! They are:

* Girl Drummers

* Buying a drum set

** Attention Girl Drummers!! Since we are rare to find, I have dedicated a page for all girl drummers to upload a picture of themselves, or of them drumming as well as a short story about themselves! Just go ahead and click on the Girl Drummers link above!

Drumming is so much fun, I'm sure you guys are having a good time!

Tip of the Day

We all have favorite bands ya?! One of the things that I like to do is grab on my Vic Firth Isolation Head Phones, plug it into my laptop or psp and start playing the drums to my my Favorite Band Tokio Hotel!

Playing with Isolation Headphones to your favorite band can help you with:

* Timing: I don't like metronomes much, so this is a way I learn to keep time!

* Helps give you drumming ideas for Fill-ins and new beats

-P.S. Don't get stuck on trying to Copy Cat the bands drummer all the time because it can hurt your ability to be creative! Drummers NEED to be creative and feel the music in order to help make the song their own!

It's your job! So do it well!

Don't Forget

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