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1. Fun Drum Fact of the month

2. What's New!

3. Questions & Answers

4. Tip of the Day

5. Cool Drum Beat of the Month~ My Favorite:)

Fun Drum Fact Of The Month

Thomas Lang is an amazing drummer who in his dvd Creative Control uses over 5 different pedals! His motto is " To play the Unplayed." He has put together over 250 albums worldwide. He is endorsed by Meinl cymbals and Sonor Drums.

What's New!

I put up a new page! It is:

* Drumming For Health

Drumming for health is a pretty cool idea. You can mix your drumming with breaking sweat. Get some good ideas on how to help you break that sweat while drumming!

Questions and Answers

No questions this month, just a request from one of Start Drumming.com's Ezine Subscribers! He requested that I talk about DW drums in this issue...so I will!

Tip of the Day- " Superior Quality Drum Sets"

DW Drum Sets

DW drum sets are one of the most strongest best sounding drums around. If you search, you will see that DW doesn't sell "cheap" DW drum sets.

They branched off using PDP as a cheaper selling kit such as the PDP Z5, but it's not the actual DW brand.

DW meaning Drum Workshop, uses superior quality woods and hardware, their single and double bass pedals are strong and smooth that's why their prices are a bit higher than average.

I would recommend getting a DW if you are absolutely serious about your drumming, you want to use it with a band, and if you have the cash to spend on it.

Overall...5 Stars for DW!

Cool Drum Beat!

Hope you guys liked last months cool beat! Here is another fun one that I created, I make these beats up all on my own, they're just something that I feel.

Make sure to Try Out and Play the Next Cool New Drum Beat at

November's Drum Beat

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