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So far school has been okay. The Start-Drumming website has grown and is now starting to make money which for me, a college student, is exciting!

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1. Fun Drum Fact of the month

2. What's New!

3. Questions & Answers

4. Tip of the Day

5. Cool Drum Beat of the Month~ My Favorite:)

Fun Drum Fact Of The Month

Nominated "Best drummer in the last 25 years" is SlipKnot's Joey Jordison! SlipKnot is a very goth, double bass, heavy metal type rock band. He is 35 years old, born April 26th, 1975. He has been playing the drums since he was around 3 years old. He won his first grammy award in 2006! So Joey is one heck of a drummer, especially for those drummers whose dig slipknots style of music!

What's New!

I just put up 2 more new pages! They are:

* Drum Shields

* Thomas Lang

The first one "drum shields" I made because our church is going to set up a drum shield for our church drums. The use of a drum shield can really come in handy, it is good if you want to control the noise level the drum set makes especially when you are needing to hear the other instruments such as a piano or guitar.

Thomas Lang is a super famous drummer. His name is almost the main keyword that people use to find my site, meaning he is super popular! His drumming is super excellent, he has crazy double bass technique, cymbal technique and stick twirling technique! He has all of this on some great Dvds that he has out. You should really think about seeing them!

Questions and Answers

No questions this month.

If you have any questions just let me know.

Tip of the Day

If Something Is Too Hard To Play

* Don't "over drum" what you're trying to learn.

* Relax, listen to the song or beat slowly.

* Break the song or beat down into small parts(ex. learn the verse first perfectly, then move on)

* When you get stressed make sure you always take a break. This always works for me. Don't over work or over play your playing. It really doesn't help at all.

Cool Drum Beat!

Hope you guys liked last months cool beat! Here is another fun one that I created, I make these beats up all on my own, they're just something that I feel.

So Go Ahead and Try Out The Next Cool New Drum Beat at

This one has a cool "fill in!"

Try Octobers Drum Beat Out

** Don't forget, if you can shoot me a video response on YouTube of your drumming that would be GREAT!!

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