Hey Guys and Gals! School has started back up for me and I am in the last leg of my course, the last semester before student teaching!

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1. Fun Drum Fact of the month

2. What's New!

3. Questions & Answers

4. Tip of the Day

5. Cool Drum Beat of the Month~ My Favorite:)

Fun Drum Fact Of The Month

The traditional grip style of holding drumsticks came from the early marching bands of long ago! Today many jazz players prefer this grip to match grip. The reason the marching band players held their stick this way was because of the angle the snare was being held. It just made sense to use traditional grip.

What's New!

I just put up 2 more new pages! They are:

* Drum set Reviews

* Custom drum lessons

I encourage you to put up a review about your drum set or anything drum related so that we can help others out. You can brag or you can rag about it!

If you have any special drum lesson that you want and you don't see it on start-drumming.com, just let me know. It can be a request for how to play a certain song, or a style of rhythm.

Questions and Answers

No questions this month.

If you have any questions just let me know.

Tip of the Day

How to Help Your Left Foot Play Better

Usually our less dominant foot lags when it comes to playing the drums, if you are a double bass player or one who likes to incorporate your less dominant foot using the hi-hat, you'll notice that it doesn't always do what you want it to.

Techniques to fix that would be to do things like:

* Let your less dominant foot be in control, act like it is the bass drum foot. Switch your drums around if you need to.

* Bounce your less dominant foot as if your waiting for someone, just like you do your dominant foot. This will let you know how bad or how good the control is in that foot.

* When our out, tap your foot or play "finger drums" and practice your less dominant foot with your bass drum playing.

* When you get stressed make sure you always take a break. This always works for me. Don't over work or over play your foot. It doesn't really help at all.

Cool Drum Beat!

Hope you guys liked last months cool beat! Here is another fun one that I created, I make these beats up all on my own, they're just something that I feel.

So Go Ahead and Try Out The Next Cool New Drum Beat at


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