Hey Guys and Gals! August is already here and that was fast, I just got out of school and now I'm almost back!

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1. Fun Drum Fact of the month

2. What's New!

3. Questions & Answers

4. Tip of the Day

5. Cool Drum Beat of the Month~ My Favorite:)

Fun Drum Fact of the Month

The famous brand Vic Firth made by the famous American percussionist Vic Firth prides itself in that it is the LARGEST manufacturer of drumsticks! I personally love Vic Firth sticks.

What's New!

I just put up 2 more new pages! They are:

* Drums For Sale

* Drumming Exercises

If you have any drums or drum related stuff that you want to sell you guys are totally welcome to post it up for free. Just click on Drums For Sale fill out the form, I will personally review it and post it!

Free of charge=Free advertising!

In my Drumming Exercises I share some tips on how I fixed my "weak" drumming hand and foot. For me that's my left hand and foot, feel free to share exercises that have helped you out.

Questions and Answers

This one isn't really a question but more of a request:

One of my visitors told me that he really likes my site and would like it if I posted more complicated drum fills (like the ones I did on some of my videos on YouTube), break it down and show it to you guys so you can learn it.

So if your interested in that, stop by and add me on Youtube my name is lauratdrummer drop me a comment to let me know if you're interested.

Tip of the Day

"Two Birds With One Stone"

Play using your wrists and fingers more than your forearm. To much forearm use will cause you pain and not let you play as long as you like.

To help you get more wrist control, use your pillow as your snare drum and hit it with your sticks using only the up and down motion of your wrists.

It may feel odd and uncomfortable but remember that you don't have to start out fast. Start slow. Take a break when it hurts and then come back to it. You'll notice that you have more control over your wrists and increased speed and voila..."Two Birds with One Stone!"

More wrist control and extra speed!

Cool Drum Beat!

Hope you guys liked last months cool beat! My sister even like that one. Here is another fun one that I created, I make these beats up all on my own, they're just something that I feel.

So Go Ahead and Try Out The Next Cool New Drum Beat at


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