Hey Guys and Gals! Another month full of playing the drums! Schools out for me, so I can concentrate more on drumming as well teaching and helping you guys!

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1. Fun Drum Fact of the month

2. What's New!

3. Questions & Answers

4. Tip of the Day

5. Cool Drum Beat of the Month~ My Favorite:)

Fun Drum Fact of the Month

Back in the early 1900's when the "drum set" of today wasn't invented yet, there had to be 2 or more drummers in a marching band or regular band. 2 or more because they had to split up who would play the snare drum, the bass drum and cymbals.

THEN! William F. Ludwig Sr. marketed the first bass drum pedal in 1909 making a single drummer able to do what before could not be done. Thus, the known "drum set" of long ago was born!

What's New!

I just put up 2 more new pages! They are:

* Sunlite Drum Set

** Pictures of drum sets

** You guys are all invited to submit a picture of your drum set if you like to this page, it will be a collection of drum sets from all over! I will personally add it to my web page! Just imagine, YOUR drum set that YOU own on a website! How Cool! Just go ahead and click on the "Pictures of drum sets "link above!

Questions and Answers

Frank asked:

I like playing the drums with double bass but I seem to have a lead foot( meaning his feet seem to be playing heavy and loud), how do I fix that?


The reason we have lead feet, or a lead foot or even a lead hand is because we lack control when using that limb. If we were able to control it fully then it wouldn't be hitting the drums like lead obviously.

Tips for Franks case,

* Try practicing your double bass with both feet flat on the pedals instead of heel up. Start slowly and as you feel more and more comfortable then you can speed up.

* Take a break every time you feel frustrated.

* Another idea is to take your lead foot which ever it is and let it play the role of the other foot. Make the lead foot the ONLY foot to play the bass drum. Play a basic beat with it and keep playing that basic beat using that foot as the bass pedal hitter until you've built up a better amount of control.

Tip of the Day

-Your drumming is supposed to help compliment what ever song you are playing-

-You need to watch out "how" you play the song you are playing.

-It's not good enough to just "know" how to play the song that you are playing, but it is very important that you learn how to contribute to that song.

Learn to "feel" the song. Try out things like maybe hitting the cymbal at a certain specific time, hitting the toms with added accents, instead of always using the hi-hat hit the ride instead, play softer or louder at specific spots etc.

Playing with Isolation Headphones to your favorite band can help you with this:

See what their drummer does to make their song sound good.

Ask Yourself

* Does their drummer get louder or softer at times? If so, why? What difference does it do to the song?

* Are there breaks in the song?

* Does he/she get louder or seem to play more in the chorus of the song?

-Don't forget though, don't get stuck on trying to Copy Cat the bands drummer all the time because it can hurt your ability to be creative! Drummers NEED to be creative and feel the music in order to help make the song their own!

It's your job! So do it well!

Cool Drum Beat!

Each month I will make a "cool new beat." One that comes from me!

I want you guys to try it out and I definitely want to know if you can do the beat as well!

Let me know how your doing with the beats I put up by either Contacting Me through my website or (if you really have a lot of time) by checking me out on YOUTUBE- lauratdrummer and posting a video response to the video!!! That would be super awesome!

So Go Ahead and Try Out This Cool New Drum Beat at


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