Fusion Drum Set

A Fusion drum set is a deviation from the standard drum set the only difference is sizes. The standard drum set usually comes with 12'' and 13'' tom toms, a 16'' floor tom, a 14'' snare drum and a 22'' or bigger bass drum. Check out some amazing fusion sets below!

This kind of set gets its name from Jazz fusion and is usually referred to as a jazz styled set. The sizes on a Fusion set would be 10'' and 12'' tom toms, a 14'' floor tom, a 14'' snare drum and a 20'' bass drum.

So if you look closely at these two toms, you will see the difference. The left set of toms are a little bit smaller than the right side. The difference is only by 2". But don't worry, just because one set is smaller, it doesn't mean that it will take away from the quality. It's just a more compact size for a drum set. The blue is the standard sized and the red is the fusion(Smaller) size.

What Fusion Drums Do

Look at the picture above, the tom toms are smaller than a standard set. If you are buying a drum set and it says Fusion in its title then look at the sizes of the drums and the sizes that I mentioned are what you will find!

1. A fusion set saves space because of its smaller size.

2. Good for jazzy drummers

3. Has higher tones because of its smaller toms

4. Great for any level drummer

Drummers get "fusioned" sized drums for different reasons. Some like it because they like the style of jazz, others because it's a bit more compact and still some just like smaller drums. The sound of the toms are based on your choice of wood like birch, maple, basswood etc.

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