Ludwig Drum Sets - Great for Drummers!

Ludwig drum sets are great for any level of drummer. It's a popular line of drums that not only sells drums to beginner, intermediates and professionals drummers but also to aspiring Kid Drummers! Ludwig provides some great drum sets, here are some great ideas if your just starting out or if you just want a cheaper drum set!

This brand will take care of your pocket and drumming needs. I am not a complete fan of Ludwig but of DW drums. But you don't have anything to worry about this line!

My Experience With Ludwig

At the time that I played a Ludwig drum set, I was a beginner. There were 3 of us, one guy that played was a beginner also but he hit the set like a slamming there was no tomorrow! He was very strength oriented. The next person that played, played with really good technique and then there was me:) This trio went on for years and throughout the years of "battery" and drum set beating, that set still stands!

The music we played ranged from Rock, Funk, Country, Island, Reggae, to Latin and church songs for song service. It didn't break and the hardware lasted for quite awhile. I would have to say that Ludwig drums last!

Pro's of Ludwig Sets

Here are some tips to help you gain a good understanding of this brand of drums. They definitely have

* Decent Prices

* Are a Well known brand

* Got Good to Great hardware

If you do care about price, then I have listed for you below, the best cheapest drum sets in the Ludwig line up. Enjoy!

Check out Ludwig's Popular Drum Sets if you don't care about drum set price!

Top Cheap Drum Sets

Ludwig drum set

This is a Ludwig Accent drum set. The school my sister goes to uses this in their band class. It sounds good and its hardware is good to. The Ludwig Accent is a good starter set.

Ludwig drum sets

This is also a Ludwig Accent drum set, sometimes they come with drum cymbals so be sure to check with your music store. This one is the same as the one right above it, it's just a different color!

Profession Ludwig drum set

This is an intermediate drum set. It's a Ludwig Element drum Set. It has better hardware and better drum sound. This one is breath taking!

Other Great Drum Sets

These sets are a great start. There are other good Drum Sets From Ludwig besides these.

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Other very popular drum set brands are Pearl Drum Sets,Tama drum sets and DW Drum Sets.

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