Pearl Drum Sets

Pearl is a brand that is well known among drummers. Many top professional drummers play Pearl. The sound and the quality that come from them is definitely something worth investing in. I personally play the Pearl Vision series and it's great.

So for those of you that are looking into pearl drum sets, I'd say "Go For It!" Pearl has never let me down and they won't let you down. You will soon find out that pearl drum sets are the top in its kind from beginner to professional. If you don't realize it just yet, you will as your drumming career grows.

Pearl Drum Facts

Some interesting facts about Pearl drum sets is that they have * Strong Hardware- From beginner to their professional sets, including their bass drum pedals, their hardware keeps getting stronger and more improved.

* Drum shells sound really Good

* The Pearl Forum(their beginner drum set) is excellent and be can definitely be used as an intermediate kit.

Pearl Drum Talent Levels

pearl drum sets

This is the Pearl Forum.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

This is an excellent beginner set. The hardware and the sound that Pearl gives with their beginner sets is far beyond "junk." This kit can act as an intermediate drum set if you needed it to.

Learn more about the Pearl Forum drum set.

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pearl drum sets vision

This is the Pearl Vision.

Level: Intermediate

Super Excellent intermediate drum set! It fills the gap between the Forum and the Masters. The Pearl vision drum set took over the discontinued pearl export, export select and session series kits. It has big shoes to fill from the wood quality to its hardware and it does just that.

Learn more about the Pearl Vision drum set.

pearl drum sets

This is the Pearl Master Series can someone say WoW!!

Level: Advanced- Professional

Take a look at the hardware, the finish of the drum set( this one is like green sparkle), notice how the tom toms are NOT connected to the Bass drum.

Drum Sets that are this high up in quality don't usually come with drum cymbals because at this level the drummer is supposed to have their own taste in drum cymbals, and drum sets. A master series for...well masters!

pearl drum sets reference

This is the Pearl Reference. Okay, on this kit I can't breathe!!! Because it's Breath-Taking!

Level: Advanced-Professional

Here is a short bio on the Pearl reference:

Shells: Only the Best Custom or Exotic

Hardware: Only the Strongest

Cymbals: Usually are None

( You have to develop your own taste)

This is one of my dream drum sets. Stay away from this unless you are believing to shoot through the roof in terms of drumming! This is like Pearl's max of all drum sets. The "BMW" of drum sets if you will.

Pearl is really the best choice in a lot of ways. There are other excellent brands out there to though, brands like Ludwig, Tama, Yamaha, DW etc. It's your choice, just be rest assured that pearl will NOT let you down in terms of quality and sound. They are a drum line that can definitely be trusted!

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