Remo Drumheads Are Great !

Remo drumheads come highly recommended and seriously praised! They keep their tone and they last long. If you need to pick drum heads out for your new drum set, one of the ways you can pick drum heads would be to base it on:

1.) What type of music do you play?

2.) What kind of sound are you looking for-Low,Mid,Highs

3.) Do they need to withstand hard heavy drumming?

After you answer these questions, you can look at each type of drum head and see its reviews, its recommendations, what kind of music it is best used with etc.

And You'll be well on your way to picking out your first drum heads!

** Make sure to CHECK if your drum set is a Fusion drum set or a Standard drum set otherwise you might buy the wrong size.

remo drum heads

Learning About Drumheads

Drum heads are made in different sizes. There is the

Standard Drum Set Sizes: 12",13",16" 14" and the

Fusion Drum Set Sizes: 10",12",14" 14"

There are drum head PACKS which can go for all of the drums on your drum set. Such as this picture above.

But ALWAYS be sure to check your drums Size and What the pack comes with because this varies depending on what drum head pack you buy.

remo drum heads

There are Remo drumheads for Your Snare Drum. This is important because the snare drums sound is important in your playing.

remo drum heads for the bass drum

Drum heads for your Bass Drum.

This one is also important. I personally like a nice low strong sounding bass drum.

remo drum heads

Don't forget your Bottom Heads!

Make sure that when you are looking for bottom heads, that it says something about it being a "Bottom head" or " Resonant Head" etc.

If you accidentally buy and use Bottom Heads for Your Top Heads, they will DAMAGE quicker then you can imagine! Trust Me, I learned the hard...and embarrassing way!

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