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August 24, 2013

Good Drum heads?

Hello Start-Drumming Drummers!

I just did a little run on a fundraiser for a kids drumming dvd that I wanted to didn't do to well. But that's okay. I wanted to thank all of you who went over there and liked the page or shared it. I may do another run in the future, but this time with a REAL video hahaha. With real excitement and zeal and passion! Did this first one on a equaled an Epic Fail, but its okay!

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Which drum heads are a good brand to get?!

I personally have tried the following brands of drum heads: Remo Clear Pinstripe, Remo Weather King, Aquarian Response, Evans EMAD Coated, Evans G2 and some others.

Out of these I would say that the heads that gave me the best sound were the following in order:

1. Evans EMAD Coated- Great for the warmer tones(bigger shells like the 12" 13" etc.)

2. Evans G2-Evans Genera Dry is great for the snare drum

3. Remo Weather King- Good tone, lasted long.

The one head that I will never get again is the Aquarian Response head, that didn't make the drum set I was working on sound good at all, instead it kind of magnified the crappy sound...EMAD kind've capped the sound and gave it a nice overall ring to it, I LOVED it! That's what I have on my entire set now.

So stick with the Evans or Remo brands they are great, they have so far never failed me personally.

That's all for now, hope that helped!

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