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August 08, 2013

Teaching Kids To Drum Fundraiser

Start Drumming For KiDz(Ages 5+)

Hello Start-Drumming Drummers!

First off, my great apologies for me never writing anymore newsletters like I should have. I have not been at my own house since February, and now in 1 week I will finally have a place to call "My place!"Ive been barely having any internet connection because of the housing situation, and studio is not even up anymore. But its still all good!!

What I wanted to share with you guys in this newsletter is this, Lately I have been bugged about something...but I know you guys/gals can help! "

Music is hurting in the schools :/

I don't know about you, but for those of you who live in the US, we are seeing a bit of a hard time with our economy. The sad thing is that this affects our schools and by schools I mean our Music, art, drama, theater, P.E programs etc. We are slowly losing them so I wanted to help this in some kind of way and that is that I decided to make a DVD.....

I am not joking, Ive got the script, camera angles, music, venue, everything.

Making My New DVD

Who The DVD is Made For/What it has in it:Start Drumming For KiDz

The DVD is made for young kids ages 5+ but any age can learn from it. The DVD breaks beginning drumming down so that a 4 year old can handle it. Its taken lot of thought and has been 1 1/2 years in the making. I am incorporating Colors/Pictures and Color Coordination to make drumming for kids nearly a piece of cake!

I out did myself on this one....:D


I am stuck at the "Funding For Equipment" level. Things that I already have for this DVD are: Movie editing software, 31 page final script including camera angles/music/words/actions and computer effects,DVD cover, Acoustic foam for recording, Audio recording gear and a venue.

Things I still need For The DVD

1. Cameras- 4 Canon T2i or T3i cameras

2. 4 -Tripods, 1- Jib crane, 1 -Arched Tract Dollie set

3. Professional Video lighting kit

4. Kids drum set

5. Professional grade DVD authoring software Start Drumming For KiDz

Total cost is around $4000..I am not going to lie, I NEED YOU GUYS help! So...if you have anything that you could give to help me out, I would be so honored. Dude; I don't even care if its a dollar! Or if its you pushing the share button; Im happy! I just need help.. Here is the link if you want to check it out Start Drumming For KiDz

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