Thomas Lang - Amazing!

Thomas Lang is one of today's greatest drummers for sure. If you have ever watched the dvd's that he's got out today like Creative Control or Creative Coordination, you will know what I am talking about.

Thomas is one of those drummers who after you are done watching, you are half off and half on your seat, you feel unworthy of the drums and all of your talent that you *thought* you had, goes all to not!

Thomas Lang Famous drummer

He executes his double bass drumming perfectly well and as a famous drummer he plays the brand of Sonor on his dvd's. He has amazing stick tricks and drum solos under his sleeve and can slam out some serious drum rudiments as well.

If you have ever wanted your drumming to get better following some of the things that Thomas teaches on his dvd's can do that for you. For sure it WILL take practice, but it will also take your breath away!

In the creative control dvd you will go through sticks tricks, double bass pedals in doubles, triples, paradiddles, flam etc. He is nothing short of awesome.

In his Dvd Creative Control he goes through a whole variety of topics in drumming. He shows you his set-up, what he plays, and how he plays. There are some FREE cool drum-alongs where he takes his drumming out and lets you jam to the song just the way you'd like...WARNING though... they are not easy!

This is definitely a dvd worth checking out. It is something that can stay in your drum library forever.

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