by Ken
(chance, maryland u.s.a.)

I became interested in drums and drumming at about 6 years old. I saw a guy named Jimmy play a Ludwig kit in school and knew, like love at first sight. I went home and asked my mom & dad for six dollars for pad sticks and a book. They would not let me have it.

At 10 years old I started marching in drum&bugle corps 1st St. Anthonys then woodsiders also St.Lucys cadets and in 1970 the golden knights. In 1971 I enlisted in the U.S.M.C and was honorably discharged. After reentering civilian life I got involved in drug use. I became addicted to heroin. I was involved with 2 guys where we would get high and listen to Hendrix cream and many records of the early 70's rock bands.

One night after getting high we came up with the idea of starting a band. I was the designated drummer. Well the money I would scrape together for drugs was now being spent on drums. The other 2 guys never followed through and we separated as friends.

I started taking drum lessons in 73' from Russ Moy in Elizabeth N.J.he taught me well. In 77' I purchased my 1st pro kit which I still own today and love very much. they are Ludwig drums natural maple finish and A.Zildjian cymbals. I play double bass, single bass, it don't matter as long as i can play i'm happy.

I'm 57 years old now and have not used drugs in 39 years thanks to my love and never ending passion for drums and drumming. I hope to still be playing until my expiration date. Also i would like to teach kids or grown ups how to play and share what I have experienced in my life as a drummer.

I may never be as famous as T.Lang or J.Jordison, or anyone else for that matter but i'll always be the best I can be. Well time to go practice. love-peace drums forever ken........

P.S. sorry I have no pictures.

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