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Pick up some beginner drum lessons that's where we all should start guys. Because at first, I have to be honest, drumming seems crazy hard. Because for the first time you are making your right hand do this, your left hand do that and your foot do something completely different! It's a bit time consuming and overwhelming at times but that is what we are here for!

Soon you will find out that its not too hard to start drumming! In fact, you may be surprised at how far you can go with it! If you can count to four, then you pretty much can learn a basic drum beat. There are free example videos down below and if you want more, then subscribe!

I started drumming at 14 and I seriously could not afford lessons. Drum lessons here are around $40 an hour. It gave me the incentive to learn on my own and watch other drummers, but to free up your life just a bit, I thought that I'd be helpful and give out some free drum lessons!


If you subscribe you will get 4 basic beats to learn and enjoy! A rock beat, a funk beat, a swing beat and cut time, also known as the famous "punk" beat. These beats can be used in ALL KINDS of music! It's fun and quite easy! Say Whaaat??!! Yes, Enjoy!

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See the video below for an example of one of my drum lessons. If you are one of those certain drummers who want a lesson specifically made for you like custom drum lessons let me know. Sometimes you might just want to learn a certain song, or certain beat. It's really helpful when you can get that for free, so that's what I wanted to do.

Example Drum Lessons

This video is different from the ones you will be getting if you subscribe.

Beginner drum lessons are easy, they will definitely get you started on playing the drums!

These simple little lessons should get your started with the drums. When I first learned how to play, I began with this simple little lesson! My brother showed it to me and I ate it up like bread. I wouldn't stop until I got it down. If it feels hard at first don't worry, just watch my videos over and over again!

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If you have any Questions, Comments, Concerns or Compliments please feel free to CONTACT US and write it out!! I would love to hear from you.

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