Best Drum Sets

One of the first things you do as a beginner drummer is ask the question, " What is the best set of drums out there?" And then you are faced with a huge amount of options, colors, sizes, prices and levels of different drum sets. But where in the world do you start?!

First, the best drum sets out there are called the "best" because drummers like you and I have played, enjoyed and commented on the sound, hardware quality and price of the drum set.

There are a lot of really good drum sets out there so I am going to do my best to help you find the best one!

Popular Brands You Can Trust

Popular name brand drum sets that are hot on the market and popular because their excellent quality, are brands like Pearl drum, Ludwig Drums, Tama Drums, Yamaha Drums, Sonor Drums, Mapex Drums and many more. These brands have earned their name as "best drum sets" over time because their drums DELIVER high quality sound with great hardware at a fair price.

My Reasons For These Drumsets To Be Considered The Best for Beginner Drummers are:

* Fair Price

* Upgraded hardware-Drum throne, Cymbal, Hi-hat Stands

* Great Wood Shells- Better Sound

* Good shell wrap designs

Best Drum Sets For Beginner Drummers

Best drum sets

This one is a Pearl Forum. Drummers know that Pearl is well known and trustworthy brand. It is strong in its hardware and great in its sound! Learn more about the Pearl Forum drum set.

Best drum sets Sonor

This is a Sonor 1007 Force Fusion Drum Set. Sonor has excellent quality and sound. The famous drummer Thomas Lang plays Sonor. Great for an intermediate drummer. Learn more about Sonor drum sets.

This one is Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set . It is played by many professionals and always comes highly recommended. Yamaha gets good compliments about its sound and hardware strength. It's definitely a good drum set to look into.

Best drum sets Tama

This one is a Tama Imperialstar. Tama is a hot brand on the market these days. Just like Yamaha and Pearl, it's quality in sound and hardware is excellent for it price tag. It's popular and rightly so. See the Tama Imperialstar .

Best drum sets Pearl vision

This one is a Pearl Vision. This one I personally own. The sound is amazing and the hardware is great. It's strong and very tunable. The wraps are really nice on it. If you are ever unsure of what brand to go with, Pearl will never let you down. Learn more about the Pearl Vision Series drum set.

Best drum sets Ludwig

This one is Ludwig Accent.I first tried this one out at one of the band classes in our local high schools here on Guam. The sound was nice. The hardware was okay. It's good for a beginner drummer. For intermediate drummers, I suggest going with what I mentioned above. Learn more about the Ludwig Accent Drum Set.

If you aren't satisfied yet, you can check to see if Beginner drum sets or Cheap Drum Sets might be what you need.

Picking out a good drum set is just as important as learning the instrument. Start learning how to play the drums.

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