Big Drum Sets

Some drummers like to turn their drum sets into big drum sets because it fits their bands lifestyle of music, other times it is just because they want to. You can expand your drum set with endless possibilities. Some drummers add more toms to their set, some do cymbals, others do bass drums, and still others mix their set with a ton of percussion instruments like cowbells, gongs, triangles, timbales and so much more. Creating your very monstrous drum set is up to you!

You develop a taste in your drumming journey as time goes on. You begin to have a style in drum cymbals, wood shells, drum heads, drum sticks, single and/or double bass pedals and so on.

Because of this your set grows and grows and grows, and hopefully your budget does to!

You can expand your drum set into a big drum set with musical taste. What you do is you add a whole bunch of things to your drum set, things like extra cymbals, extra toms, more snare drums or hi-hat stands etc.

You can also add different percussion related items such as timbales or maybe even a gong if your choose. This gives your kit your personal unique feel.

The best way to expand your drum set to becoming a huge monster is through taste over time. I wouldn't really recommend just buying a huge drum set. It's better to build one over time through time!

Bigger Drums In Terms Of "Shell Size"

When thinking of big drum sets I got to wondering whether a big set of drums meant "bigger" in terms of the shell sizes. There are two kinds of drum sets out there right now.

They are the standard size which has 12", 13", and 16" inch toms and then there's the fusion drum set which is smaller using 10" 12" and 14" toms.

So a fusion drum set is smaller than a standard sized drum set, but that's not what I will be talking about in terms of a bigger drum set, instead I will choose to focus on the really big sets that are out there today!

Ideas to help spur your taste to make a bigger drum set

* Copy the drummer of your favorite band and maybe buy the same kind of drum cymbals, drum set, drum set-up that he or she has.

* Watch what famous drummers use on their drum sets, especially if their music style is the same as your bands music style

* Find famous bands that play the same style of music you do and copy their added accents such as chinas, splashes, percussive add-on's, cymbals stacks, chimes, bells, gongs, cow bells etc.

* Go to your local music store or to an online virtual music stores and try out the different pieces of drum equipment that they have there.

Bigger Then Usual Drum Sets

Photo courtesy of Marvin L

big drum sets

Scotts Drums 2

Creating a giant drum set is all up to you! Get out and look around, get inspired and of course...get a lot of money. Because you will need that to make your drum set big!

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