Bonzo,Peart and Co.

by Drazen Jukic
(Posusje, Bosnia And Herzegovina)

Definitely Bonzo and Neil Peart, Srđan Todorović, Boris Leiner, Steve Gadd, Ian Paice, Nicko McBrain, Garabet Tavitian.

Bonzo, he was inovative, strong, groovy, Ludwig sounded like it was made for him only, Peart, so fast, so correct, rhytmic, just listen Tom Sawyer, Srđan, ex yu super group Ekatarina Velika (Ekatarina the Great), very cool drumming, Leiner, ex Yu band called Azra, fast and thick, Steve Gadd, legend of his own, big name. Ian Paice, nothing more to say, McBrain, Iron Maiden's machine, Tavitian, Macedonian ex band Leb i Sol, just listen older tracs from past 70-ies.

I can't remember, there are maybe few of them more.

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