Buying a Drum Set

So you're looking into buying a drum set?! I have seen many people dive into drumming without anybody there to give them direction, so I will give you some direction!

When buying a set ideally you should get a good solid drum set that will last. This way, you aren't wasting your money and talent on something that doesn't last long, or something that sounds horrible.

Finding The Drum Set That Best Fits You

My goal here is to make sure that you get the proper drum set that you need.I also want to teach you about the different things that you need to look out for if you choose to buy a used drum set.

The drum sets that I recommend on this page are great for beginner and intermediate drummers. They have great quality and sound.

Now it's just up to finding your favorite color and set up that you like!

Read the questions below and see which question fits you best!

Buying Drums Questions

Answering these questions will help you narrow down your search for buying a drum set. Click on the link if the question best describes you!

1.) Who is the drum set for? Is it for a full grown adult? A young child between the ages of 3-8, or A Youth who just needs something super basic etc.

2.) Are you only looking to buy a Used drum set?

3.) How much are you willing to spend? Beginner Drum Sets tend to be easier on the pocket and range from around $350-$599. They are good starter sets. If your drummer is pretty good already and needs an Intermediate drum set, these can range from $600-$1000+ but have excellent sound and hardware quality.

Basic Drum Sets-Good For All Levels

I chose these basic drum sets and say that they are good for any level because of their quality. These drum sets are brands that are trusted, have hardware that is good and shells that sound good. These are safe choices for any drummer!

If your buying a set for a child ages 3-8, check out some Kids Drum Sets. These have great quality and are not toys.

Here is a Imperialstar complete drum set. Tama is one of the more popular brands.

Next up is the Pearl Sound Check

Pearl made the soundcheck as a more affordable option for those beginner drummers out there! I love Pearl personally. There drums always sound good.

If you want a serious, long term, good sounding drum set one that they can take on future Gigs/Performances, then check out Semi Professional Drum Sets . These sound great and have great hardware quality.

buying a drum set

If you have anymore questions please contact me, I'd love to help.

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