CB drum set

A CB drum set is a starter drum set for beginner drummers. CB makes drums that are affordable for beginner drummers, the only thing about it is their quality in hardware is a bit lower than the top drum brands. So personally, if I didn't have much funds and I was a beginner drummer, I would choose a this kind of drum set.

I personally love the CBs Kids drum sets that they makes but not their beginner drum sets.

The In's and Out's of The Brand CB

Now I am going to be honest. The price range for a CB drum set can be rivaled by other beginner drum sets that seem to have better hardware and cymbal quality...that is not good for CB.

When I speak of hardware it includes things like the cymbal stands, bass drum pedal and the drum throne.

On a cheap drum set, like CB's beginner line, it won't take too long before you have trouble tightening and re-tightening and RE-tightening the cymbal stand from falling down on you, and depending on your playing, the bass drum pedal is usually the next to go...So basically you are getting your moneys worth.

CB is only trying to help folks who are really strapped with cash, thats a great thing for those who are BUT if you can, please upgrade to a better kit!

Helpful Tips When Buying A Drum Set

Here are some helpful tips if you are out buying a drum set for the first time. These tips will actually save you money!

1.) What is the quality of the hardware-Pedals, Stands, Throne.

Beginner drum sets depending on which brand, can have really cheap quality on their pedals, cymbal stands and drum throne. It's quite annoying to be playing and your pedal breaks not long after you bought your kit, so hardware is something you should consider.

2.)Does it come with Cymbals? What brand or quality are they?

Zildjian, Sabian and Meinl are good brands to start off with.

3.) Drum set Brand, What is it?

Is it a known name brand like Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, Gretsch, Sonor or Ludwig? There is a reason why those drum sets are popular. It's the quality that they have!

Better Beginner Drum Sets

If you want a good beginner drum set that I would recommend, I recommend checking out my Top Beginner Drum Sets.

BUT! I do highly recommend CB's kids drum sets. Those are some really neat little instruments and they aren't toys. You little one can really jam on it and learn. It's recommended for the ages of 3-7.

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