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Cheap cymbals aren't always the bad way to go, in fact sometimes it's a great way to start. Drum cymbals these days can be quite expensive so when picking out your drum cymbals you're going to need to be smart.

Depending on your playing style, your cymbals will either fit your needs or not fit your needs. If you play heavy metal then you will need to get stronger, thicker cymbals because thinner cymbals will break quicker.

Here are characteristics of some cheap drum cymbals:

* Break easily

* Bend easily

* Don't sound good

* Excessive "pinging/ringing" of the ride

The reason I say "some" cymbals sound that way is because some cheap ones do, but the good news is that there are some hardworking brands that knew drummers like you and me needed some kind of quality with a cheaper price!

Popular Affordable Cymbal Brands

Here is a list that I have made when I think of cheaper drum cymbals. Cheap is fine but good sounding is especially what is important to me.

So here they are! Popular Brands that sell cheaper cymbals are Sabian B8, Zildjian ZHT and ZBT,and Meinl MCS. These cymbals sound good but they are also priced where the beginner drummer can afford them without hurting themselves!

Sabian B8 and B8 Pro Cymbals

Sabian B8 cymbals are great to start with. They are strong, sound good and are totally inexpensive. Sabian B8 Pro

is one step up from the B8, it has a really good sound and strength for its price range.

Zildjian ZBT

Zildjian ZBT 3 Starter Cymbal Bonus Box Set With Bonus 14" Crash, is also a good sounding way to go. Zildjian and Sabian are very popular brands for cymbals. These are the top of the line in cheap drum cymbals that sound good and last.

Meinl MCS

The Meinl MCS cymbal pack sound really good. I own these and find that these cymbals can blend into a lot of music. My review is that the crash is not too loud, and the ride is not to "pingy," which is a good thing. They are strong but I wouldn't recommend the crash cymbal for heavy metal drummers.

So those are my top recommendations for cheap drum set cymbals. I have found that they sound good and come at affordable prices for beginner and intermediate drummers.

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