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Not everyone is rich these days especially drummers! When it comes to cheap sets, you need to be kind of watchful for the quality that you will be getting. I wouldn't want you to waste your money on something that you will just have to keep replacing over and over again just because you bought it cheap. But of course...that's up to you!

Cool thing is, are you looking for a cheap drum set or are you looking for a really cheap set of drums? You don't need to blast all of your money away on a beginner drum set, so I am here to help you pick one out!

Facts About Cheap Drums: The Good and The Bad

In order to be helpful to you I need to be honest! So...

Drum Sets that are cheap can be cheap for two reasons:

1.) Horrible durability in hardware and cheap wood shells.

2.) Good quality drum shells and hardware which in turn creates good sound and value!

You want number 2!

There are really good drum sets out there that range between $299-$599 and those are considered cheap in terms of their price tag not their quality. Those brands are brands like the Pearl Sound Check, Ludwig Pinnacle, Tama StageStar, Sonor Force, Sound Percussion and many others.

You don't really want to be a cheap skate on your first drum set, you want it to last and you want it to sound good, in case you decide to play in a band later!

Down below is my list of recommendations for cheap sets. These drum sets are great for beginner drummers or if you just need another practice kit.

Here is my list of Super Cheap Starter Drum Sets

Here is my list for super cheap sets, if you want my list for the best cheap drum sets in terms of longevity and sound then check out cheaper drum sets. These kits below are great if you are so super tight budgeted.

This is a Percussion Plus drum set. It is a good beginner drum set. I have found the hardware to be fair. The price range is very affordable for a starter set. The only recommendation that I have for these kind of sets would be to swap out the drum cymbals.

A CB drum set is another idea for a beginner drum set that you can run with. It is another cheap drum set that can be used as a starter set. In terms of sound and hardware quality, I think the CB drums and the Percussion Plus drums tie.

Sound Percussion Drum Set is a brand known for saving you money but it also has stronger hardware. The hi-hat on this set is built a bit stronger than the drum sets that I previously mentioned.

Sound Percussion

It is a 4 piece drum set because it has (1)tom tom, (1)snare drum, (1) floor tom and (1) bass drum.

There is nothing missing here that will inhibit you from being able to learn how to play, so don't worry!

My #1 option out the drum sets mentioned, would be this drum set. This is a ddrum D120BR drum set.

Ddrum makes really cool looking drum sets as well as good hardware. Ddrum creates different looks with their drums in terms of shell colors, rim colors and drum set-ups. They're awesome.

Don't forget, if you don't like the sound of the stock cymbals that come in with your set, you can always look at cheap drum cymbals. I put up my favored list!

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