Childrens Drum Sets

Kids LOVE to play drums! It doesn't seem to matter what age they are, they love to bang on things and they LOVE to copy cat the drummer that they see!

Does This Scenario sound familiar?!

When it comes to rhythm, it seems natural for kids to dance and move around. When they see the drummer on the stage, at church or on the T.V hit things that make a cool beat, they are pretty soon like " Mom, I want to drum!!" And now, YOU are stuck looking for something to help carry their dream into a reality and off you go looking for childrens drum sets...

Children's drum sets can be very beneficial for a young child. A kids drum set is made specifically for a young child, basically it is smaller than the regular drum set size, but it must come complete if you want them to learn properly. Starting them off right on a complete kids drum set is essential to their learning.

Childrens drum sets are made developmentally appropriate for young children ages of 3-7. The reaching problems are solved with a kids drum set. Older kids need bigger drum sets.

Here are some real recommendations from me to any parent who is serious about getting their child a real kids drum set.

Good Quality Real Kids Drum Sets Ages 3-11

These three kids drum sets are my recommended top three. The reason why I chose these are because they come complete, they are not toys and they are not missing any essential drum parts like I have seen on a lot of sets claiming to be "childrens drum sets."

First I will start with the Ludwig kids drum set. This is my personal favorite and top recommendation. It is strong and it comes complete. It is not a toy and that is why I like it so much.This drum set is actually the real thing in a smaller version.

My next favorite is the Union Junior Drum Set . It has the same parts that the Ludwig has, it's just that Ludwig is a well known age old brand compared. Both of these drum sets are excellent kids sets. My friends 4 year old son owns one of these and it is like magic to watch him play.

There are other cool kids drum sets just like the ones that I posted up top. The Union Drum set and the Ludwig kids drum sets are absolutely recommended by me for young kids. They are both excellent choices.

Many parents know the brand First Act. First Act makes kids toy instruments from guitars, to pianos and drums. First Act Drums t are pretty cool. I would say that their quality is almost as good as the Union and the Ludwig kids drum set, but kind of like one step below. Still a good kids drum set.

If you would like to read up on First act drum sets be my guest! I personally would go for the bomb Ludwig kids drum set...but that's just me!

What About Drums For Babies?

If your child is really young like below 3 years of age, you may want to start them off with a Toy Drum Set. They do not have the skills to sit on a drum set and try to make a legitimate beat. Get them started on hitting something and feeling rhythm and when they turn three or get to the age where you can sit them down and have them concentrate for about 5 minutes, get them a real kids drum set! But for now, just wet their little taste buds! For now a toy drum set is something to get the little one started on rhythm. You could use nursery rhymes, or poems and have them "pat-a-tat" along to the beat!

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