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Kids love to drum and that seems to be a fact! I met many young kids who when they see a drummer on stage they go crazy for the drums! They want drum sticks, they want to hit things, they stare at the drummer and start pounding away as the drummer starts pounding away!

Pretty soon they are saying " Mommy, I want drums!" That's when you and I come in and say?"....Hmmm...Drums" Now, where in the world do I get drums for such a young kid? Kid, you're only 3!" But don't worry! There are great kids drum sets that are made for the ages of 3-11!

Here are some tips for you parents out there!

Benefits of getting a actual childs drum set:

* It's cheaper than a regular drum set- in case they lose interest in it.

* It is not a toy therefore your childs learning to drum is not hindered by missing parts, or cheap equipment.

* It saves space because it is smaller and more compact

* The size is specifically made for a young child, so reaching problems are solved.

A childs drum set is made to fit the size of a 3-7 year old. These sets should come complete, because if they don't then your child's learning the drums can become impaired, and you don't want that. If your child is older(8-11)then they may need a bigger drum set, a youth drum set should work great.

Kids Drum Set Ages 3-11

Now is the time to ask yourself if you think your child should get a real kids drum set or a toy drum set. This choice is important!

If you have a baby or a toddler between the ages of 0-2 I would suggest starting them off with something percussion related like a toy drum. If they are bigger and you know they really love drums, then get them a real kids set!

There are many kids drum sets out there and sometimes as parents you don't know where to start. Some parents think more of a toy drum set in terms of their child drumming while others want the real thing like a First Act drum set or a Ludwig Kids drum set, or a Union drum set all of which are the real deal! These are at the TOP of my list and more.

This EXACT Union drum set is right here ----------------------->

My Top 3 Recommendations for Kids Drum Sets

The Ludwig kids drum set is my top favorite pick. It is strong and it has all the essential parts that are needed in learning how to drum. A complete kids drum set is very important if you want your child to pick up this instrument correctly the first time.

The Junior drum set by Union is another great choice. It is an excellent kids drum set as well. It comes complete with everything a child needs in order to learn the drums and it is strong.

This last choice for my top 3 in childs drum sets (can actually be one of many) but here is one that caught my eye in terms of quality. It is the GP kids drum set. This one is strong and complete. It is one of my top 3 for sure.

If these drum sets aren't what you are looking for, then feel free to learn more about Kids Drum Sets. Reading up on these kinds of subjects will get you ready and confident in buying your child a drum set.

These child sets can help spur a future professional drummer in your little one. We all seem to have rhythm in us, a sense of music. I teach young kids to drum and one thing is for sure, when you start a child off young they will go far!

Photo courtesy of Basykes

For more Junior drum sets or the best set in my opinion, the Ludwig kids drum set please see these pages these kits are absolutely excellent for kids!

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