complete double bass drumset

by douglas carmack
(pt.huron. mi)

Double bass set. Good for an intermediate drummer. Gammon drums. Double bass two snares one unopened,both chrome. Four mounted Tom's,two floor toms. Ten drums in all. All drums except snares havepinstripe skins. Basses have removed heads not pinstripe.all cymbals are Wildman except hi hat. They are sabian. Cymbals are two rides and five crash. Again all zildjian typo on skins they are all remo. Drums come with all hardware,bass pedals. Mixture of straight and extended stands. It is a big good sounding set. Will take up a lot of room.Will answer any questions about the set.90 percent is about a year old. Just don't have the time to play. Again typos on cymbals..... all zildjian not Wildman.......ha

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