Complete Pearl Export Select Big Kit on FULL Rack!!

by Brandon Saylor
(Shepardsville, KY, US)

This is a Pearl Export Select/Vision Hybrid kit using Pearls birch and mahogany woods. Kit is 7 piece consisting of:
* 22"x20" bass drum with wood hoops,
* 14" steel snare, and
* 10" 12" 13" 14" and 16" rack toms.
* All Remo Pinstripe top heads (brand new replaced within the last year)
*Pearl Resonance bottom heads.
* The entire kit minus the bass and snare drum sets a 3 sided Pearl Icon Rack front piece is curved sides are straight.
* Rack includes 13 clamps.
* All Pearl Hardware
* All cymbal stands are brand new and comes with a Pearl Eliminator Remote Hi Hat Stand and matching Eliminator double bass pedal!
* 10 cymbals with stands all stands are Pearl Ch 80, Ch 890, an two Ch 70 stands.
* Motorcycle styled drum throne from TAMA
* Consist of 14" Sabian B8 hi hats,
* 16" Sabian b8 thin crash,
* 16" Sabian b8 medium crash,
* 10" Sabian b8 splash,
* 12" Sabian b8 splash,
* 14" AA Menial china,
* 18" Sabian b8 crash ride,
* 16" Sabian b8 rock crash,
* 22" Sabian b8 ride,
* 8" AA Menial bell,
* 18" AA Menial china.
I am available in the afternoons if your interested in seeing and playing the kit.
Text: two seven zero- three hundred- four five five four(270-300-4554).
Thank you for your interest.

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