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Drumming with double bass can be awesome! You can choose from having two bass drums or a double bass pedal. Much of the music that uses a double bass is punk, heavy metal, rock, goth and screamo. If you want to build your chops you can do double bass its all up to you as a drummer!

Drumming double bass takes good technique. When you have developed your talent, some drummers like to find a better double bass pedal, or in this case, a new double bass drum set.

Playing double bass can be done in two ways. You can either choose from using two bass drums or one bass drum with a double bass pedal.

For those who are interested in playing a double bass drum set, I have found and listed some of my recommendations for a top beginner double bass set.

Easy on the pocket, Popular drum sets with double bass

You can take these drum set titles that are bolded and go to your local music store or online music store type it in and find them.

Popular Cheap Drum Sets With Double Bass

The Levels listed below stand for the level of the drum set, and the recommended level of the drummer. If you are a beginner drummer trying to save, these beginner kits are excellent. If you are going to use your drum set in a band or outdoors, an intermediate kit is the one you need.

If you have all the cash in the world, then by all means trick your kit out and get a professional drum set and make the rest of us envy you!!

double bass drum set

1st Recommendation:Pearl Forum Double Bass Drum Set.

Level:Beginner/Intermediate Drummer

Pearl is a very popular and very well known drum set brand. They always give quality in their hardware and shells. This set is an 8 piece drum set, quite bigger than their average set!

Pearl sound is great and it's one of the best especially if you are trying to save on cash...most of us drummers are!

**NOTE: When you see the words 6 piece, 7 piece, 9 piece drum set etc, it is counting all of the tom toms, the bass, as well as the snare. It does not count the cymbals. In this case this set has 3 tom toms, 2 floor toms, 2 bass, and 1 snare. Two bass drums is why it is called ''double bass.''

*Another Note: A standard set is called a 5 piece set. So if you think you might need more drum parts, specify this at the online music store you go to. In this case you can definitely see you are getting more with this 8 piece because it comes with 8 pieces instead of just 5 or 6. A standard sized drum set is usually a five piece.

double bass drum set

2nd Recommendation: SP Double Bass Drum Set

Level: Beginner

Good starter drum set, great if you are really budgeted. I recommend this for beginner drummers.

The hardware on this set is upgraded with its stands, pedals and throne which is what you will need if you're thinking about doing some heavy drumming.If you want a single bass cheap drum set , SP sells some really cheap ones.

double bass drum set

3rd Recommendation: Tama Imperialstar

Level: Intermediate Drummer

This next one is great, it's called Tama Imperialstar. It has strong double braced hardware. Good tone and good quality hardware is what you will need especially if you will be using your set in a band and playing LIVE! If your kit doesn't come with cymbals, then choose good Drum cymbals because they are important to. They matter if you will be rocking out live!

4th Recommendation: SP Sound Percussion Pro

Level:Intermediate Drummer

Here SP has taken a step up from their beginner kit. They have upgraded the hardware and wood shells. This kit is good if you want to play in a band and are budgeted.

Free Tip About Learning Double Bass

The awesomeness of a double bass drum set is all in your foot pedal technique! You can have a great looking set and suck at the way you play. It is important that you do not execute bass patterns in a live performance that you HAVE NOT YET MASTERED in practice, that goes with anything you do on the drums pretty much.

When you do something on the set you want it to sound sweet because it's your reputation! It's not only about you as a drummer and how you sound, but also how it sounds in the band as a whole! So make it smooth and not as if your fumbling through trying to keep up!

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