Drum Mutes Let You Practice With Much Less Noise

Mutes for drums are usually rubberized bouncy pieces. They differ in sizes and shapes to match the drum part that you need it for. I have mutes for all of my toms but I don't have any for my cymbals. What they do is they dampen the sound so that you can play much more quietly. This is great if you have little kids in the house or if you live in an apartment.

Drum mutes

These mutes are an excellent way to lessen the loud noise your drum set makes.

There are mutes for all of the main parts of your drum set such as the bass drum, cymbals, hi-hats, snare drum, tom toms and floor tom.

I personally like to use mutes for my drums because my mom sometimes gets annoyed with the loud noise I make. When I put on my Vic Firth Isolation Headphones, I jam away loud and noisily and it doesn't take too long before she comes in and yells, "Stop making noise!"

Reasons To Mute You Drums

Reasons for getting drum mutes for your drum set:

* You want less noise when you drum

* Live in an apartment

* Have people that sleep during the time that you drum

* Have babies or little children around

* Want to increase your stamina(The rubber material does absorb some the sticks bounce)You get more peace and quite along with a workout!

Drum mutes

Types of Drum Mutes

Mutes for the drum set itself come in two pack sizes. The size for a

Fusion drum set which is- 10",12",14",14" ( That is the One I have). If your drum set shells are those sizes than your mute pack will be needing these

And if your drum set is a Standard Drum set Size which is 12",14",16", 14" you can pick up a box of these

I think it's a good idea to pick up a set of mutes when you get a drum set.

The one I use is HQ Percussion. It works well for me.

Don't have a drum set? Check out popular beginner drum sets.

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