Drum Set Bags

If you are like me and you don't have drum set bags for your drums, but you gig, you carefully, painstakingly transport your set from location to location. I use carpet, vans, plushy cars with their plushy seats and that's about it! As a drummer, I would never, COULD never watch my babies get lugged around in the back of a truck without some sort of cushion protection!And I am sure you are the same way.

Bags for your drum set provide covering and protection from the wear and tear of moving.

It protects the drum from

1.Getting Scratched


3.Ripped Heads

4.Excessive Finger Prints on the rims from you and who ever helps you carry them,

5.Damage from the surface it's on when transported (like the back of a pick up truck) etc.

Your drums take a lot of beating from being lugged around especially if you do gigs. In order to protect your investment from scratches,dents and damages when moving them around you can use this type of gear.

drum set bags

Different Types of Protective Material

Protective gear for your drums come in two styles: Hard plastic and Thick Mesh.

The hard plastic set is heavy to drag around but provides the most protection. The mesh has more give to it, but if dropped, you can imagine what might happen.

Drum Sets aren't cheap which is why many times we'd rather be safer than...sorrier!

hard drum set bags

Here is the hard version of the carrying cases for drums. It has super thick nice strong plastic. I prefer this one because it for sure will protect my drums. It may just be a bit heavier but I think it's worth it.

With these cases, your drums don't have the pressure on them when begin stacked on each other.

Good brands for protective drum bags.

Here are some good brands for protective drum bags. These are the ones that I like:

* Beato

* Gator

* Wolfpak-hard shell

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