Are Drum Sets Cheap? They Can Be!

Are drum sets cheap? That's the question that many beginner drummers ask. The cool thing is that yes there are cheap drum sets but you have to watch out for some details. Those details include things like cheap hardware and bad sound. As a beginner you don't want your hardware breaking down on you so easily because in the end it makes you spend more. And you don't really want your drum set to sound like junk either... So for your benefit I have listed drum sets that are cheap in price but also have great quality.

Drum sets that are cheaper in their price tag but GOOD in their quality are the ones that I have listed here! With that being said, here are my recommendations to save you from a hard time and possibly a rip off.

My Top Recommendations For Quality Cheap Drum Sets

Ddrum D2

Has an excellent price and the hardware and sound is pretty decent. This would make a great starting kit especially for this price range. I don't know where you can find a drum set for under $400 that looks pretty cool but Ddrum is pretty good at surprising me.

Ludwig Accent CS Combo 5 Piece Drum set complete 5 piece drum set. They use this drum set at a high school near where I live. I got to test it out and I would say it is good for the beginner range. This one is bomb only because it has cool black rims on it which makes it stand out! Pretty rad set!

Tama Swingstar

I played this one in church and its like a "baGillion" years old! Tama makes good drum sets and the swingstar is one where you will not be disappointed. They make excellent drum sets and this drum set has good hardware and sound on it.

So are Drum Sets Cheap??!! The answer...As you just saw, Yes they can be!

If you were hoping to see even cheaper drum sets then you may have to start looking into Used drum sets. But with that I urge you to be careful.

I refuse to list certain drum sets that you might find cheaper, because of their quality. I have played a super cheap drum set that broke quite quickly on me. It was the Sunlite drum set.

Reasons Why Some Drum Sets Are Cheaper Than Others

- The quality of the wood is less, it could be a "no name" ply or the cheapest wood found out there.

- The hardware such as the drum pedal, cymbals stands and hi-hat stands are not strong.

- Cymbals are not included or if they are they are trashy.

Let me know if you need extra help in choosing a good cheap drum set?

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