Great Drum Sets For Cheap Prices

There are many drum sets for cheap prices out there. Finding the ones that are cheap yet have quality isn't too hard. You will want a drum set that sounds good and whose hardware will last you until your talent grows! The thing is as a beginner drummer you want and need quality along with a cheaper price tag. If you just get any old cheap drum set, you can end up with something that you will have to repair quite quickly.

So here are my quality recommendations for you!

Top Quality Cheap Drum Sets

These drum sets come highly recommended by me and other drummers for being great drum sets for beginner drum sets. Their prices put them in the range of definitely being cheap but with great quality.

drum sets for cheap prices

This one is a Tama Stage Star it has good hardware and it sounds good for it being a beginner drum set. I have played Tama for like the last 10 years, it lasts long, too long actually...because I wanted an excuse to get a new drum set! But I like and trust Tama.

Drum sets for cheap prices Ludwig

This one is the Ludwig Accent CS drum set. I was amazed at the sound that came out of this one. It was nice to hear good sound in this price range as well as being able to test its hardware. Overall its a fine drum set.

This one is a Pearl Rhythm Traveler. It's an excellent set for those who need an easy kit to carry around for gigs. It's simple and sounds good! Pearl and DW drums are superb in quality.

drum sets for cheap prices

This one is Ddrum D2. It is also a great beginner drum set especially compared to some other drum sets out there like Sunlite drums for example.Ddrum makes cool looking drums, some match the punk style.

If you need a good cheap set for a child drummer then you will need a kids drum set because of their small size.

My ideal beginner drum set would be the Pearl Forum Drum Set hands down but each one of these sets I would recommend for a good cheap beginner drum set.

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