Real Drum Sets For Kids

So your child has shown some interest in the drums or you want to start them on an instrument...that's cool! Many young kids want to learn the drums but I am sure you're wondering is there such a thing as "real" drum sets for kids, and the good news is there is!Aside from that, parents need all the help they can get with their child's new found interest.

My 7 year old nephew plays drums
zachery plays drums for kids

Young kids between the ages of 3-11 need to get a drum set that is developmentally appropriate for them so that they don't have reaching problems, size issues etc. Because of that, businesses like First Act, Ludwig or Union Drums have come out with kids sets that fix those problems.

The cool thing about those brands is that their little drum sets are total cop outs of the real thing! It's totally adorable!

Kid Drum Set Recommendations

The kids sets below are the real thing, they are not toys. They are good for kids ages 3-8. These are great for them because they solve reaching problems and the sticks are smaller and lighter. So have a look and see which one you like.

Here is a GP kids drum set. This kids set is complete and it is strong. It is not a toy. This brand is sturdy and can take the beating from a young child. It is essential to start a child off on a complete set.

Next we have the Union kids drum set. This is another excellent kids set. It is strong and it isn't missing any important parts. This can definitely make for a correct start on the drums.

The next one I have up is the TKO kids drum set. All of these 3 kids drum sets are a good choice for anyone between the ages of 3-7. They have everything that is needed to get started.

Drums For Children Under 3

Now if the child is even younger then 3 years old I would suggest getting them a toy drum set to start off with.You can read them a nursery rhyme or a sing-a-long and have them do a basic "tap" to the beat!

Older kids ages 8+ can try out youth drum sets. These sets actually are the real drum sets for beginner drummers. All you have to do is lower the seat, tom toms and the drum cymbals. I teach my young students who are 6 and 8. It fits the 8 year old but it barely fits the 6 year old. That's why I prescribe getting the young ones a drum set of their own. One for kids.

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