Drum Shields And What They're Used For

The question that you might be asking yourself is, "What is that plastic cage looking thing around the drum set?" and, "What does it do?!" You came to the right place to get the answer!

Drum shields are made to help isolate the sound that the drum set makes. This is especially needed in a situation where you have instruments on stage where the noise of the drum set can leak into and feed into the mics of the other instruments.

The shield makes the drum sets noise overall a lot more controllable. If you are recording drums alone and want a "trapped, isolated, more tight" sound, you can use these kinds of shields but you will need to add padding to it.

Shields are good for places like in a church or in a setting where you have more than one instrument on stage that are mic'd. Rather than always having to adjust the rest of the stage instruments microphone levels to fit the drums, a shield helps isolate the drum set noise, lower the sound and make it much more controllable for the sound man to make things sound better to the audience.

Popular Shields

These shields help capture the sounds and basically put most of it "behind the shield." The drum set might sound lower to the audience, but that's where drum micing comes into play. Adjust away! Only this time it's in a much more easier and controllable fashion.

This one is a tall shield. It covers over the drum set and around. It stands around 6 feet tall or more depending on which size you choose. The taller ones usually go for people who are recording with high cymbals or mics that are higher up. If you want the most isolation get this shield.

See how this shield is used in a church like setting? Probably because their church is a bit small and their drums are a bit loud. Shields help the sound guy control the over all music levels!

Acoustic Padding For Recording Drummers

Acoustic padding is excellent for recording drummers. You can paste this onto a drum shield or onto your walls. It dampens the vibrations and noise rebound that your drum set will make. Drums create a ton of recording noise, so if you want to help create a captured sound, this is one way to do it.

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