Greatest Drum Solos Of All Time!

Professional drummers master the art of doing a drum solo. It takes creativity, timing, taste, and talent to put together a good solo. Soloing can be just the drums in the middle of a break in a song or it can be just straight up drums. You can make one up just by feel, play what feels good to you!

You can learn how to solo by drumming to a song that has a good feel and you break out of your beat and just start...soloing, with fills! It's fun! Instead of playing the beat you keep the time with your toms and cymbals, hi hats and bass drum, your choice of arrangement of course!

Popular Drum Solos of All Time!

Drum solos are fun to do on a drum set. The better you get at playing, the more ideas you will get for doing solos. Solos can be used to Wow a crowd, Fill up a spot in a song, or Help you show off your talent and put you in the spot light!

Take Buddy Rich for example...

Born April 17, 1917-April 2, 1987 he was considered the worlds greatest drummer! He played Jazz and according to his father Buddy was already able to keep a steady rhythm at the age of 1!

In this solo Buddy Rich is using the famous traditional grip with his left hand, see how much feel comes out of his solo? It glues your eyes and wows your mind! The techniques that he uses on the hi-hat and his speed are amazing! Hats go off to you Buddy!

Next... Gene Krupa

A master drummer himself. Born in Chicago January 15, 1909. Instead of becoming a priest like his parents wanted him to become, he became one of the worlds best drummers! He also used traditional grip in his solo.

Next... Carter Beauford

Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band is an amazing drummer! His taste and talents go way beyond the simple imagination. He comes up with accents and beats that blow my mind, I don't think in rhythm like he does although I wish I did! I Love the way he played #41. Awesomeness all the way.

Next...The Punk Master! Travis Barker!!

Now lets see a more recent drummer who has made it onto the scene of the drummers world. Travis Barker! He plays for the pop punk band Blink 182. His style is way different from the above 2 drummers but to me, Travis made punk drumming look fun! Here is a small snippet of a solo on the snare drum! This would be a great exercise for practicing drum rudiments!

Travis Barker Drum Solo Snare by Lucky0812

Their different styles, drumming techniques and taste are amazing! We can all learn from these greats! Solos are when you play all over your set, in whichever time signature you like, hitting what ever you like, in a timely manner that sounds good! You can incorporate your tom toms, hi-hat, ride cymbal bell, snare drum etc! Have Fun!!

Leave drum solos and start learning how to play the drums!

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